Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Clean is good, very good!

This is what my kitchen looked like this morning. After being sick for 3 days (very sick) and my husband being swamped at work things started piling up. You could pretty much take a picture of any room in our house and this is what it looked like. Yesterday I was starting to feel better but not enough to care about my house being a disaster. Today I was feeling much better and my messy house was driving me nuts. So I went to work and in between feeding, changing, playing with, and rocking Jericho, believe it or not I got most of the house clean and all the laundry done. I'm as tired as can be my house is clean! I even managed to put clean sheets on the bed. I can't tell you how much I love clean sheets! To jump in the shower right before bed and to crawl into clean sheets is pure bliss! I still need to hit up the floors and clean the bathroom, but if someone were to stop by I would not be mortified for them to see my house. I like clean. Clean is good, very good!


Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I love clean too! I get all flustered and frustrated when my house is messy and dirty. I have to have a clean house otherwise I can't think properly.
My floor could use a good mopping and my fridge.... oh it's just not in a good place right now. :)

Really glad you were able to accomplish so much without overdoing it! And I am really, really glad you are feeling better. I was hurting for you way up here in Vermont!


Katie said...

So glad to see you are feeling better...and your house looks great. I always feel so much better when my house is clean.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Transformation! Great before and after shots!!!

Philip (Seth's Dad) said...

I have made it part of my daily routine to check out your blog and Charis' blog every day. You both do a great job. I always love the photos.

By the way, you have a great looking house (and clean). Someone must have helped you guys decorate and remodel when you moved in. Whoever it was, they must be pretty special to have worked so hard with you and Seth.

See you soon,