Friday, September 7, 2007

Future Fan

My family came to visit this last week so they could meet our newest addition. It was nice having everyone together again. It doesn't happen very often, but when it does we have fun. The only one missing was Adam, my older sisters husband. We missed you Adam!

Working on her jump shot with Uncle Andy

If you know my husband or my brother at all you know that they are both athletes and that basketball is their favorite sport. As an athlete you always have teams and players that are your favorite. Well growing up close to Chicago and in the 80's when the Bulls were good, Micheal Jordan, has always been one of my brother's favorite players. Same with Seth although he grew up in Alabama so I'm not sure how he becoame a Jordan fan. Because Micheal Jordan is a family favorite, Jericho received her first Jordan outfit before she was even born from her Uncle Andy.

What started out as a few innocent pictures of Uncle Andy with Jericho in the outfit he gave her, turned into a photo shoot (these aren't even half of the pictures taken) with plans to send pictures of our adorable future fan to Michael Jordan in hopes of getting some endorsements. This is what happens when daddy and Uncle Andy get together and get a hold of the baby.

No more pictures PLEASE!

Jericho was a good sport about the whole thing. She even seemed to enjoy it some. I think we might already have another Jordan fan in the family!

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Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

She is so beautiful! Love the photo shoot- so funny! I am glad you had a nice time with your family - I enjoy it so much when mine is all together as well.

Have nice time with your in-laws!