Monday, October 15, 2007

The 2/3's turn 2!

The Rockefeller Family

Sunday we went to a birthday party for Reece and Tristan. They were babies that were in the NICU at the same time Gideon was in there. We ended up becoming very good friends with their parents and have kept in contact with them; although we don't get to see each other as much as I would like. I can't believe the 2/3 are 2 already, they are getting so big! It was so good to see everyone, catch up with Brett and Lisa, and mess with Kyle their oldest son. We had a wonderful afternoon. If you are wondering why we call Reece and Tristan the 2/3 here is the story behind it.


We were meant to be friends from the beginning, us and the Rockefeller's. We met before Gideon was born. When I was 24 weeks pregnant with Gideon I had to stay in the hospital for a week, during that week they gave us a tour of the NICU, just in case he came early. While Seth and I were on that tour we met Lisa. She was going from incubator to incubator, I knew you couldn't look at other peoples babies in there, so I asked the nurse if the lady had twins. The nurse said she couldn't tell us (good ol' hippa rules) but she would ask if Lisa would talk to us. Lisa graciously came over and explained that she had triplets Wyatt and Tristan, who were identical boys, and Reece their sweet baby girl. I remember praying for the babies by name and often wondering how they were doing. Well, I would find out soon enough because we were in the NICU with Gideon only two weeks later. Our paths continued to cross from Lisa walking by Seth remember him from our first meeting, when I was pregnant, to them saving Gideon's first foot prints after we accidentally left them in a diaper bag on the back of a wheel chair (that's what no sleep does to you), to the pumping room incident which I'm not going to mention. All this lead to a friendship that has seen both the best of times, them getting to bring Tristan and Reece home and us having Jericho, and the worst of times, all the sickness that our babies went through and then each of us having to say goodbye to a precious son. Gideon and Wyatt were buddies from the start. It seemed like they would talk to each other and decide who's turn it was to get really sick that week. They were never sick at the same time, some how they knew that when one was sick the other's parents needed to be able to be there for the sick one's parents. They even decided to go to heaven within a week of each other. It was like Gideon got to Heaven and said, "Hey Wyatt you gotta see this place it's awesome and so much better up here then it is down there." And Wyatt's response was, "Sounds good to me I'm on my way." And so the Rockefeller's only got to bring 2 of there 3 babies home. They are triplets but it's hard calling Reece and Tristan that when Wyatt is not here, but calling them twins is not an option because they aren't twins they are triplets. Another of our friends from the NICU started calling them 2/3 because they are the 2 of 3 that are here with us. It made sense and everyone liked the nickname so it stuck. That's how Reece and Tristan became 2/3.


The Gang


Anonymous said...

It's nice to be able to put faces to the names that I have heard so often!

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

What a great friendship... sad, yet victorious at the same time. The 2/3 are so beautiful, and everyone looks very happy to be together. I remember reading about those three children in your prayer requests back when you were in the hospital with Gideon. It was really nice to see their faces. Glad you had a good time!


Child of God aka Becky said...

Thanks for sharing that! I remember hearing about Wyatt in your e-mail prayer requests for Gideon, and I wondered what happened with their family. It's so cool that you still keep in contact with them.

- Becky