Thursday, October 25, 2007

Baby Feet

Since I did a post on baby hands yesterday I thought I would follow up with one on baby feet. Because I love baby feet as much as I do baby hands, especially when they belong to my baby! I thought I'd share a little bit about Jericho's feet and what they have been up to.

When I look at Jericho's feet I often wonder where life's road will take them. Where will she take her first steps? Will she want to run barefoot or want to have shoes on? Will she enjoy running and playing sports? When will she walk down the aisle? So many questions and soon enough I will know the answers, but for now I enjoy carrying her places and knowing that these feet go where I choose. I'm not afraid to let her go, I'm just glad it will be a while before that time comes.

Seth has a tattoo of Gideon's footprints on his fore arm, they are the actual size that Gideon's feet were. They were so little, yet compared to his body they were kinda big, that's my fault. It was cute though. I remember telling Seth as I pointed to his tattoo, when I was 26 weeks pregnant for Jericho (that's when Gideon was born) that the baby in my belly had about the same size feet as the feet on his tattoo. It was kind of cool knowing what size the baby and her feet were as I looked at my belly.

I love this picture because it shows that Jericho is such a combination of Seth and I. She gets the pinkie toe that curls way under from Seth. From me she gets the size, which tends to be a little on the bigger side, and the fact that she can spread her long skinny toes. She will probably pick things up with them one day, it's not a bad thing it saves you from having to bend down, trust me I know.

Jericho wore her fist pair of shoes to church this Sunday. Daddy kept asking when her feet would be big enough so she could start wearing all the cute shoes she has. Well, they're still not big enough, which is somewhat surprising, but Seth thought they were cute and wanted her to wear them, so she did, and it was cute! You cant get blisters from shoes being to big if you're not walking around in them. Right?

The girl has more shoes than her mommy and she's only 8 weeks old and her mommy is 24 years old, it's sad, but the shoes are cute so she'll wear them. Plus, it will make her Moni happy.


Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Take my word on the shoe thing... it only gets worse. Eve has so many shoes it's not even funny. Little girl shoes are irresistible to me.

I love these posts you have done.They are so sweet and love-filled. And when you look back someday you are going to love seeing the pictures and reading what your thoughts were at this time about sweet Jericho.

My favorite shoes are the leopard print...I bet she's going to look way to sassy for he own good! :)


G. said...

I love baby feet too! And baby shoes, and woman shoes as well. :) I love the little leopard print shoes with the pink bows. I'd actually wear those if they were in my size. (minus the strap.) :)

Tarrah said...

She is just too sweet for words. These are great posts, little feet and hands are too precious.

Papa (Goodson) said...

I love the feet, too. And you are so right: Moni loves the shoes and is already envious that she doesn't have matching shoes to wear "out on the town" when they are together.