Tuesday, November 6, 2007

My Daughter and Her Daddy

I wrote this (and posted it on myspace) when I was pregnant with Jericho but wanted to share it now.

I have to tell you a story but first I want to say that this little girl has already stolen my heart and her daddy continues to remind me why I love him so much. I've always known daddies and daughters have a special relationship, but what I didn't know was what it would do to my heart to see my daughter and her daddy start to develop that sacred bond that only daddies and daughters have.

The other night Seth and I had just gotten done eating dinner and were just relaxing and talking. I mentioned to Seth that the baby had started kicking a little bit. (I could feel her kicking and/or elbowing, kneeing, punching at few different places.) I am now 21 weeks along and we found out that babies can start to hear inside the womb at 20 weeks. So Seth leans over and puts his face up against my belly and starts talking to our daughter. She immediately stopped kicking everywhere else and started kicking right where Seth's face was. Seth just kept talking and she just kept kicking. It was one of the sweetest things that I have ever experienced! When Seth stopped talking, she stopped kicking and every time Seth would start talking again the baby would start kicking again. I couldn't believe it!

Maybe it's just me because I am a little emotional from all the racing hormones; maybe it was because it was the first time that Seth has actually talked to my belly. Maybe it was because I got to be a part of it; I don't know. What I do know is that I got to witness the first of many sacred moments between a daddy and his daughter. I know there will be many more and I know that I won't get to witness them all but I'm going to treasure every one that I do. And I'm going to be thankful for every one that Seth and this little girl have because every daughter needs a daddy and my daughter has a wonderful daddy!

Seth Praying for Jericho
I could tell Jericho was going to be a daddy's girl from utero and I was right. Now that Jericho is here and I get to see Seth with her it melts my heart. Seth is the perfect daddy for Jericho and she absolutely adores him. I look forward watching them together in the years to come.

The video is a medley of just a few of the songs that Seth sings to Jericho on a regular basis and she loves it. No body can make Jericho smile like her daddy!


Sarah said...

I was thinking about this very thing yesterday watching my little "daddy's girl" playing with her favorite guy. I am so thankful that from the beginning I encouraged (and allowed!) Jordan to be involved and to develop his relationship with Juliana. So many moms figure that only they know how to take care of the baby, and Daddy sort of pulls back. Now, the result of Daddy being involved, in our case, is that when he's around Juli kind of forgets that Mommy exists! But I keep reminding myself that there is no better gift I could give my daughter than a strong bond with her father (as much as part of me would like to be her "one and only" sometimes!) Besides - Daddy has to go to work every day, and then I get "girl-time".

Michelle said...

I had a smile ear to ear watching your video clip. Nothing like a daddy getting silly with their baby!

It always warms my heart to see strong christian dads with their daughters. Jericho will have such a great model of her heavenly father's love through Seth. What a beautiful gift!

Dallise said...

I loved watching my girl smile. Not so sure about Seth's singing though. Can't wait to see you guys in a few weeks. I'm ready for some Moni and Jericho time.

Love you guys,
Moni and PaPa

Reesie said...

Alyssa enjoyed watching your video. She especially liked when Seth sang My Girl because her daddy sings that one to her too. That is thier dance song.

Anonymous said...

Seth, you're a fantastic singer! You can tell that by Jericho's reaction! And that's all that counts...and all that will ever count for ratings!! :)
Thanks for doing "whatever it takes" to make Jericho smile, so we can all enjoy these videos. We soooo appreciate your sacrifice. :) You're a great Daddy, Seth. Keep up the great work, and make it really tough for any shlep to turn her head some day. With you for a Daddy, Jericho will look for quality, godly men to try to measure up to Daddy. Thanks for lovin' our girls so well!!
We love you all sooo much!!
Ron & Trista

Becky said...

That soooo cute!!