Monday, December 24, 2007

Just in time!

You may be wondering what you are looking at. I didn't see it at first either. This is our basement but what you're supposed to be looking at is in the upper left hand corner.

Right there see it? I didn't. For the last month I've been looking for it and didn't see it. But why should I. I never would have thought of putting it there, but my husband did. He was trying to keep it dry (our basement has flooded a few times) so that I could use it this year.

What is it? It's my wrapping paper! I almost bought some more today because I was desperate, I still have some gifts to wrap, I used gift bags for the ones I've already wrapped, but I don't have bags big enough for some of the other gifts. Seth and I searched high and low today and Seth found it, but he was the one that hide it! The case of the missing wrapping paper is solved and just in the nick of time. It is Christmas Eve after all. Well, I got some gifts to wrap. Have a wonderful Christmas!

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Anonymous said...

That's too funny but I'm glad you found it BEFORE you bought more!