Monday, December 3, 2007

The Outfit

The outfit that Jericho is wearing in this picture is the outfit that I bought for Grace, our first baby. We found out around Thanksgiving that I was pregnant and from day one both Seth and I thought it was a girl. We were so excited about having a baby. Christmas was coming and I thought it would be fun to get Seth something from our baby, plus it was an excuse to buy baby stuff! I wanted to get an outfit. It was going to be for our baby but I would give it to Seth because I wanted it to say Daddy's Little Girl or something similar. I also wanted it to be pink we did after all think it was a girl. This is what I came up with. I don't know if you can read the shirt but it says Daddy's Little Sweetie with a bunch of candy pieces all around it. I love it!

The outfit holds bitter sweet memories. The day we told our parents that I was pregnant, Christmas Eve, I started having problems and was put on complete bed rest shortly after. I ended up having a miscarriage in my 2nd trimester and our sweet Grace never got to wear her outfit. It was hard. I'm so glad I got the outfit; it is the only thing that we bought during the pregnancy. A few months after the miscarriage I remember taking the outfit down, I had put it in the closest that we were going to make the nursery, and I tucked it away in a box knowing that someday the Lord would bless us with a baby girl that would one day wear it. I remember looking at the outfit when I was pregnant with Gideon thinking no this baby will not wear it, we thought it was a boy, it was not meant for this baby but maybe the next baby will wear it. Again I took the outfit out when I was pregnant with Jericho, we already knew it was a girl, and I remember asking, Lord please let this be the baby that gets to wear the outfit. Thank you Lord for answered prayers.

Jericho was not her perky self when I took this picture so we didn't get any smiles out of her. So, Seth decided to make the face that she was making. I think Jericho looks like her daddy especially when they are making the same face.


KT said...

So sweet Tarah....and thank God for answered prayers. He is so faithful!

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

What an awesome post! Made me feel sad but at the same time - what a testament to God's love.

I love the second picture where Seth and Jericho's faces match. Too funny!