Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Snuggle Bug Will You Stay? Pretty Please!

I don't know if I have ever told you, but Jericho is NOT a snuggler. From the moment my sweet baby wakes up, she is ready to go. When nap time comes she wants to be laid down and left alone. Really the only time I get to snuggle with her is when I'm nursing her and her daddy well.......he never really gets to snuggle. I can't remember the last time she fell asleep in my arms. That's why I was so surprised (and happy) by this....

I love snuggling with my baby. I know her daddy likes it to. After I took the picture below Seth looked at me and said, "You have no idea how good this does a daddy's heart!" Like I said Jericho is not a snuggle bug so moments like these are few and far between, but very very cherished. Today when Jericho woke up from her first nap she was fussing a little so I sat as I held her and rocked. She settled down and started playing with the blanket on the back of the chair (same chair as below) ever so slowly as we rocked her head went lower and lower till it was upon my shoulder. We just sat and snuggled. It was wonderful! Until the dog came running in the room, got Jericho's attention, and my sweet snuggle bug became a wiggle worm because she was ready to play. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted!

I think Jericho might be teething. She's been a bit of a crank (although not to bad) a little drooly and she has been gnawing on her hands non-stop. Oh did I mention that her diapers have been, how shall I put it, ummm..........INTERESTING to say the least. And the best part is that she has been a little snuggly! So far this is our (Seth and mine) favorite part. We're hoping that the snuggle bug stays but the interesting diapers, drool, gnawing of the hands, and crankyness can take their leave any time, especially the interesting diapers! But oh how I pray that this little snuggle bug will stay!


Heath said...

I got some good snuggle time with her at mom and dad's. Didn't know it was so rare, will need to get the pic from you for posterity sake.--Uncle Heath

KT said...

So sweet...I love when babies are snuggly and cuddly! It is rare in our house too...we cherish every cuddle moment!

Tarrah said...

What sweet snuggle times. My daughter was and still is the same way. The only time we get to snuggle is when she's hurt or sick. It's always made me sad. But now Abraham is my little snuggle but and I cherish every day.

I hope she stays snuggly for you and her teething gets better.

Hilary said...

You have such a cute little girl..I love to read your blog so I wanted to say Hi and that I enjoy you..I mean you have a great positive outlook and great personality. I love Mom stories too. Have a great week.
A Mommy of 2 from Texas