Monday, January 28, 2008

Crazier than Normal

This is what I need to be doing.

No not sucking my thumb......sleeping!

I feel like its' been forever since I've blogged. It's only been 3 days but if feels much longer because my days have been very full. I still have a few more questions to answer. I'll be finishing the rest of them tomorrow. Sorry it's taken so long but again things have been a little crazier than normal around here. Things are always crazy and busy, I don't know anyone who would say other wise, but when they are crazier than normal it throws me off a little bit. That's how our last 2 weeks have been - crazier than our normal crazy (I'm not going to bore you with the details.) Today wasn't to crazy. We spent most of the day picking up the house and getting things back in order. Tori and I did decided at the last minute to run into town tonight (Seth was playing basketball) to see if we could find me a new pair of shoes that will be used for running and volleyball, which was a bit crazy but worth it because we were successful!

Obviously Tori is here - Woohoo! She has already applied for 2 jobs and has 3 more applications in her possession that she is going to fill out and take back plus she is looking online - as we speak. Again if you know of anything please let us know! I'm really hoping something works out but if it doesn't it's not for lack of effort. She's done all that and has only been here for 3 days. She's also been a big help around the house; today she made Seth chocolate chip cookies and helped me with dinner and she's done the dishes a few times already (I think I should have talked her into coming up earlier!) oh and she babysat so Seth and I could go to the gym together although Jericho was a party pooper, slept the whole time. Yes it's very nice having my sister here. She also helped me do my grocery shopping (for a month) and as I said before she helped me pick out a pair of shoes. I also had a shirt to return and so she helped me pick out 2 new ones in exchange for the old one. Don't tell my husband this but sisters are much better at shopping, weather it be grocery, shoes, or clothes, than husbands are. Sorry babe, it's the truth! It doesn't make me love you any less because you don't like shopping with me it just makes me enjoy when a sister is along that much more!

In other news I cut my finger (while making dinner) I almost passed out from lose of blood it was gushing so bad. Don't worry though I got a band aid on and it eventually stopped but it's really hard to type. I'm really glad they have a spell check on blogger. Although with the interesting words I've been typing (thanks to the bandaged pointer finger - see picture) I don't know how many of the words the computer would even recognize. Now that I think about it I should have just left the post with the crazy typed words and then told you what happened and let you try to figure out what I was trying to say - oh well to late. Speaking of late I need to get to bed. So hope you all have sweet dreams. I'll see you tomorrow.


Sarah said...


Sounds like you are having a blst with your sister, I know how you feel my sister only comes to visit once in a while and stays for a few days and I love it. Could you please fill me in on how you grocery shop for a month, does that include veggies and everything?

bethany said...

Glad you're having fun with your sister! I have to agree that going shopping with husbands, while it is fine, just isn't as good as shopping with sisters! :)

PS, I think Jericho is just precious. :D