Sunday, January 6, 2008

Honk You if You Have the Hiccups

. . . . that was my husbands motto for me this afternoon as we drove home from church. (I know what you're thinking - another post about hiccups - this girl is obsessed -you're right I probably am and I'll admit it because when hiccups are part of your everyday life they are hard to ignore and easy to become obsessed about) So, back to my story. We were driving home from church and I got the hiccups even before we left the parking lot. Seth gets annoyed when I get the hiccups and so he decides that he is going to honk every time I get a hiccup. Why you ask, good question, I'm not sure, You'll have to ask him. Best I can figure is that he thought it would embarrass me (yes I do get embarrassed easily) or maybe he was trying to annoy me, either way I think he was trying to rid me of my hiccups. It didn't work. I think the joke ended up being on him. My hiccups didn't go away and being a man of his word, Seth kept on honking, every time I would hiccup, I had the hiccups the whole way home and there was a lot of traffic. I'm pretty sure every time a car drove by I would hiccup. I think Seth is glad that we only live 7 miles from the church. Can you get pulled over for randomly honking as you drive?
He started out enjoying it.

He's very passionate about everything that he does. . . . can you tell!

* I also took a short video but I don't want to torture you, you can thank me later *


bethany said...


Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

That's hilarious Tarah! And a whole lot of honking it sounds like. Eliza gets the hiccups constantly as well! She did in-utero and STILL gets them at least a couple of times a day. I feel so bad for her.


KT said...

That is so funny.

Anonymous said...

Seth can be such a dork!!

Anonymous said...

I would actually love to see that video, sounds hilarious, not torture!