Sunday, January 13, 2008

Pack Attack


So in case you haven't heard my Green Bay Packers won yesterday, 42-20! Woohoo! I have to admit I was a little worried after the 1st 2 minutes of the games, Packers fumbled twice (same guy) and both times Seattle recovered and scored. I knew that if they could come out and score and if Grant (the guy who fumbled) could keep his head on straight and stay in the game, we'd be fine. That is exactly what the Packers did, they scored right away and Grant had a total of 3 touchdowns, I'd say that he kept his head in the game. I wanted to sport my new Christmas gift, a pink Brett Favre jersey from my wonderful husband, he knows me so well, (I LOVE the jersey, Thanks babe!) but we stayed home for the game yesterday so we decided to sport our Packer paraphernalia today at church. Us girls sported our pink Packer stuff...

and Seth sported the classic green and yellow. I had someone come up to me and as if Seth made me wear my jersey today all I could think was, "We've obviously never talked football before." I told him that I was very much a Packer fan and that Seth has become one since he married me. We actually ended up talking a little football after service and discussed how it would be in the Packers best interest if the NY Giants could beat the Cowboys today (it's not hard for me to cheer this way, I've never like the Cowboys and since moving to NY the Giants have found a small spot in my heart.) I'm still waiting to see who the Packers will end up playing next week. I'm actually watching the game now (it's halftime and they are tied 14-14) Come on Giants!

Aren't Jericho's socks the cutest! (Thanks Wulf it was fun to find the Packer socks amidst the gobs of frog stuff!) I'm hoping that I can find myself a pair.

I love that people know that Jericho is already a Packer fan! (check out the link to see what I'm talking about - it's at the bottom of the post - I think Jericho might have even left a comment.)


Anna said...

You guys are such a cute little family! unfortunately in "Coyle Country" we're Eagles fans...but your Packer wear is awesome! The BIG sport in our house (besides football) is baseball - John loves the Phillies, in fact, Austin has his Phillies outfit on today for church:0)

Ginger said...

I love the picture of you and Jericho! Her smile (and yours) just light up my screen! I have to say that if it goes the way I will be the Packers vs. Patriots for the Super Bowl and I'll be wearing green! (I'm actually a Ram and Bronco fan, but they obviously didn't have too great of a season).

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

It's serious Patriots country up here! Serious! But, I do have loyal and long standing Packers fans in my family. Like 50 years they've been loyal (I'm guessing, but it's my grandparents so I figured it was a safe round number :))

Love the jersey! And the football bracelet for Jericho completes the outfit!