Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Q & A: Rest of the Answers

Philip (my father-in-law) wanted to know did I really tell Dallise (my now mother-in-law, she wasn't at the time this happened) to be quiet right after we met, or was I just dreaming?? There is obviously a story here. Philip knows the answer, but to make him happy I'll answer his question and explain (although him and Dallise might tell you a different story.) This simple answer is a plain yes I said that and no you weren't dreaming. But there is further explanation to be had. Seth and I had been dating a few months but I hadn't met his parents yet. We had a pretty good hunch that we would end up getting married so meeting the parents was a must. Seth had met my parents quite a few times before we were even dating so he got off easy, I on the other hand did not. Seth invited me home for Thanksgiving and I gladly went because it meant spending time with him. I was actually kind of excited to meet his family that I'd heard so much about but also a little nervous. The night we got there we decided to watch Lord of the Rings. Good movie by the way, no matter what Dallise says, but it's not a good idea to watch it with her (j/k Dallise I'll watch it and explain it to you anytime!) So we all get settle and start the 1st movie. Right way Dallise starts asking questions and saying that she never understood what was going on and that they should do a better job explaining it and so on. I simply looked at her and very nicely told her that if she would listen to the movie they explain everything and it would make complete sense. (She is like most moms and is trying to do a million other things while she watches a movie so she only gets bits and pieces of it which makes movies like Lord of the Rings very confusing - I understand this now because I am a mommy and I do this now too) I don't really remember what happen next, but I'm sure I turned a few shades of red because everyone looked at me and said something along the lines of whoa Tarah you just told her or Dallise you should listen to her she's right or man did you just say that. Philip and Dallise said that from that moment they knew I would fit right in with their family. I was just trying to help Dallise understand the movie (plus I was hoping to be able to hear it too) I'm pretty sure that I'm not going to ever live that one down. People are right first impressions sometimes last forever. I guess it's not always a bad thing. It's nice to know that they thought I fit from the very beginning.

Tarrah asked what is your idea of the best night out for a date with your husband? I would want it to be warm outside (ok how many of you thought of Miss Congeniality - April 25 not to hot and not to cold - I did, anyways) I'd want to be warm so that we could do something outside such as rock climbing, hiking, biking, or something of that nature. Then we'd have a wonderful picnic with lots of yummy food. After our picnic we'd take a nice long walk and talk while we watch the sunset. Then we'd end the night enjoying each other's company!

She also wanted to know what are some nick names you call Jericho? I usually call Jericho love bug or sweets. Sometimes she get snuggle bug, baby girl, baby love, or just love. Lately I've taken to calling her buddah baby. Not sure where that one come from, Seth isn't a huge fan of it, I've tried to stop but I can't. I don't mean it in a bad way at all. I used to baby sit for a little guy and they always said he had a buddah belly, because babies are usually chubby and have cute bellies that are bigger than all their other body parts. Maybe that's where it came from. Every once in a while I'll call her Jeri baby but not often. My dad calls her JJ all the time and Seth's brother calls her Jeri curl. Sometimes Seth will call her J-Rico, none of those are my favorite but I really don't like J-Rico. There are a million other names that Seth calls her to but they are totally random and none of them seem to really stick, he changes them on a daily basis, I think depending on the mood he is in. It's' funny but the poor girl is going to be so confused.

Ginger said she knew about Gideon but asked who our 2nd angel baby was. Well Gideon is actually our 2nd angel baby. Grace is our 1st angle baby. My 1st pregnancy ended in a miscarriage when I was in my 2nd trimester. I'm going to be doing a post about Grace at the end of this weeks so I'll explain more then.


Heath said...

Give my Jeri Curl a kiss for me!!--Heath

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

How funny that you call Jericho buddah baby! I call Eliza that - I just did it last night because her belly looked just like the statues of buddah. Probably not the best thing to be calling my baby girl though :)!


Philip said...

I thought you did a pretty accurate job of re-telling the story. I just wondered how you remembered it.