Saturday, March 8, 2008

Happening - at home & in my heart

I am tired. The last few weeks I've felt exhausted (this is why they have been lack of blogs or atleast interesting ones that take any thought) Not sure why. I haven't been sleeping the best. I have been having some cRaZy dreams, which make me toss and turn all night. I'm sure that's part of it. We have been pretty busy but then again aren't we always?! Isn't everybody?

I feel as if I've been getting tore up spiritually too - in a good way. Ya know how you hear a sermon or you're talking to someone and they are talking about how they stuggle with ______ (fill in the blank) You think to yourself I don't stuggle with that and you end your thought with a - do I? Then you get thinking and tell yourelf no I don't, then you pray and ask God if you stuggle with it. Have you ever done that? Well, I have. It seems that God always answers me with and it's usually by showing me how I'm stuggling with _____ (fill in the blank) and gives me the oppurtunity to confess my sin and make right the error of my ways thus deepening my relationship with Him. I feel as if there have many many things that the Lord is trying to rip out of my life if I let him. Things I need to work on so that I can go to the next level.

I think this years is going to be a big year for me filled with many unexpected things (things I could have never thought or dreamed of) I feel as if there are many things the Lord wants to bless me with but in order to be able to recieve those blessing I have to have my heart in the right place. In order for my heart to be where God wants I have to allow Him to rip the yucky stuff out - it's a good thing. But it can be very draining. I think of it as spritual growing pains. No much fun to go through but when they are over you are bigger and stronger.

Speaking of growing I went through most Jericho's clothes the other day. Jericho helped me pick which clothes to keep and which could be put away for a future baby sister (Lord willing) Jericho told me that these jeans (picture below) are a little to small but she's not to happy to see them go. What do you think are they to small? I think she's look like she's waiting for a flood in them.

So far Jericho has been very average when it comes to size and she has been exact when it comes to clothes. It seemed the day she turned 3 months old she grew out of all her 0-3 month clothes and needed 3-6 month stuff. The same thing happened when she turned 6 months old. It's nice because after 3 months of the same clothes I'm ready for her to have new ones but every time I fill another box my heart aches a little. My baby girl who is growing way to fast! It does always comfort me to see that the next set of clothes are huge on her for the first month. But again by the 2nd moth she's starting to fill them out and by the 3rd she's almost ready for new ones.
This weekend we were blessed with meat. Chickens and boars to be exact. The only catch was that we had to do everything with the chickens ourselves - killing, skinning, gutting, ect. The generous man that gave us the animals killed the boars for us and helped Seth and Don gut them. They are now hanging in our garage (yes, I have 2 boars hanging in my garage!) We are going to finish them (cut them up and get the meat off) on Monday.
I took pictures but they are grafic - very grafic. I want to know if you want to see them. I could show you all of them or only the nice ones (there aren't many that are nice) I'll wait till we are done with the boars on monday but leave me a comment and let me know if you want me to post them.


Straight Shooter said...

Won't bother me I grew up on a farm...
By the way, Happy Late Birthday. I love to read your blog and am thrilled to see you back!
God Bless.

Philip said...

Of course I want tot see them.

Anonymous said...

Phillip is SOOOOO funny, Tar! What a man! No wonder Seth keeps you laughing. Just wanted to tell you how proud I am of you!! WOW! Killing chickens to feed your family! What a pioneer spirit you have, Darlin'! Momma's very proud of you. By the way, Gramma Rayanne would vote NOT to see the boar's. Just give her a warning when you post the pictures! :)
Love u all!