Monday, March 17, 2008


I'm going to be completley honest with you and tell you that lately (for about the last 3 weeks) I have been doing nothing. You might wonder how I've been doing nothing and it's work well to be quite honest I'm not sure but it has. Although, I googled nothing and this is what was the result. I also liked this one. So after reading what some of those sites had to say I realized that I have been doing something after all, but it still hasn't been much. I have taking care of my daughter and all of her needs and made sure that my family has been fed that feels about the extent of it though. It's not I've done more like laundary a few times and I think I dusted once and I'm pretty sure I've wiped down the bathroom atleast once in those 3 weeks oh and remember the occasional blogs that I've written and my kitchen has been clean at times (does it count if those times only last for about 10 minutes?) I think you get the picture. For whatever reason I've been slacking. I've been feeling tired and overwhelmed and at my whits end and I don't know why.

My husband, oh my sweet wonderful amazing husband has not been phased by it, at least not that he has let on. I don't know how many times the last few weeks I've apologized to him. Every time he's just smiled kissed me and told me how much he loves me. Finally at the end of last week I asked if he thought I was the worst wife ever because I've been doing NOTHING. Without any hessitation he said - No, I've been praying for you. You are not normally like this and when you are (apparetnly it's happened before) I know it's because the Lord is working some things out in you and preparing you for something. I know you'll get thought it but until then I'll keep praying - Oh how I love that man! What a blessing it is to be married to a man that know you. Seth knows me, he knows me so well. I am so blessed!

You would think that after that conversation I would get out of this slump but I'm still swinging and missing. Just feeling even further behind. Seth was wanting to go to bed early and I was telling him I couldn't because I had to much to do - I have friends visiting tomorrow and they shouldn't have to deal with my nothingness so I was going to try to do something to fix it. Seth asked what all I had to do and there was so much I couldn't even begin to and was once again feeling overwhelmed and if I should just go crawl into a hole and cry. He hugged me and said I'll do the dishes and the floors and we'll go from there. Hearing those two little words dishes and floors in the same sentence and knowing that I was not going to be the one to do them gave me the energy I needed to get myself into gear. I headed for the batheroom, then the kitchen, then to clear off the table, and into the nursery to try to feed the baby that was refusing to sleep in hopes that she would go into a milk comma, with having success in all areas so far I headed off the clean our bedroom just as Seth was finishing up the floors. I guess all I needed was a little help. I wish I would have realized that a earlier and been able to ask for it but I'm very thankful that even without being asked Seth was willing to lend a helping hand. He really does know me, doesn't he.

Thanks babe, you're the best!

I'm really hoping this is the end of the nothingness because I'm going to have to start doing something so I can get ready for Easter. Colorado here I come!


Sarah said...

I can totally relate to the "feel like doing nothing stage." It comes and goes and mainly the thing that helps me is when Sam offers to do the mopping and vaccumming and then I don't feel SO overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done. Husbands are great...especially when they know you well! :)

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I've so been there - and I will be again, I'm sure.

I am so glad you have a husband who loves you and knows you so well. Isn't God good!!

I hope you have a wonderful time with your friends


Anna said...

Tarah - you've been on my heart since sunday when P.M. was talking about breakthrough - I agree with Seth, that God is preparing you for something He wants to work in you - and the breakthrough will come with it! Praying for you too:)

Thelma said...

I hear ya..........nothingness.....
yep.......I am soooooooo there! Sigh and my dh works from 8:30 am until 10:30 pm (two different jobs..temp arrangement) and I get so overwhelmed sometimes it hurts. Which then leads to me being cranky with my children and then guilt and then being overwhelmed and then.........what a vicious cycle.....sigh. But dh brought me a card and chocolate peanut butter eggs the other day..and the card says how much he appreciates me.......even though I still feel overwhelmed and have no energy that out of the blue gift meant the world. And what meant even more is he cleaned out the fridge of the scienc experiments that started developing while my family and I have been sick with various flus and colds the last few weeks. Now that is LOVE when your husband detoxifies the fridge! LOL

Tarrah said...

I feel your nothingness. I am in a rut myself right now although I feel myself starting to come out of it since I've been a crazy woman the past couple days.

What an amazing husband you have. I have one of them too and I really don't know what I would do with out him :)