Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Walking We Did Go!

*Updated: I posted a picture of everyone that walked!*

10 adults, 1 teen, 3 kids, 1 baby, & 4 dogs after the walk - Thanks everyone!

Jericho Before

The Goodson's ready to walk in our Gideon shirts (Thanks for the shirts Dallise)
My side of the family is not in this picture we meet them there.

I must admit I was a little nervous the day of the walk. It was cold and looked like it might rain. Seth was going to be visiting a church and then planned to meet us at the walk, I was a little skeptical about this plan. Jericho wasn't feeling the best. We didn't leave on time and on the way we found out that mapquest said it would take 15 minutes to get there when it really took us 30+ minutes to get there. Then we get there and check in but didn't get our shirts. We wanted to be the last to start the walk so that Seth could catch up as soon as possible but couldn't decide if we should just wait for him, he'd already called and told us he was on his way. We decided to start and let Seth catch up. About 5 minutes into the walk everyone was freezing, Jericho was screaming, Seth had called and was at the park but was lost. I was overwhelmed and thinking that the whole thing was a bad idea.

I grabbed the baby, the car keys and my phone in hopes to find the car so I could nurse Jericho (I fed her right before we left so she shouldn't have been hungry) and call Seth so he could find me because I was going to be staying in one spot - the car! Seth found his dad whom was looking for him and they sat outside the car while I finished feeding Jericho. I was ready to give up and stay in the car so Jericho could stay warm and so I could cry without anyone knowing but the sun was starting to come out and everyone else had stopped walking and were waiting for us. I figured since I was the one that had planned everything I should get out there and walk plus it wasn't about me, it was about Gideon! So, I strapped Jericho to me and we were on our way to find the rest of our team.

When everyone was joined together we walked, which is what we were there for. The sun stayed out to keep us warm and the fellowship as we walked was wonderful. Despite the rough start I'd have to say that Gideon's Gang March for babies 2008 was a success. Our team consisted of 10 adults, 1 teen, 3 kids, 1 baby, & 4 dogs. As a team Gideon's Gang raised almost $500, $485 to be exact, not bad for planning it the week of!

Everyone Walking (there are a few missing from the pic)

Jericho during

If you didn't get a chance to donate before the walk you can still give and help premature babies everywhere. I can tell you from 1st hand experience that this is a very good cause.

Jericho After


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Maybe my arrival was what brought the sunshine? Aren't I the sunshine of your life :)


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What a BEAUTIFUL family you have! And thanks so much for adding me to your links. I'll get you added right away.

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