Friday, May 23, 2008

Baby Forecast

24-Hour Baby Forecast

Look Index: Still Cute
Whines: Everywhere at 25 mph
Humility: 67%
Mommy Pressure: 94%
Daddy Visibility: 7 miles from home
Precipitation: 100%

Sunrise: 5:59 AM
Sunset: 6:07 PM

Partly grumpy

with frowns from time to time

glimpses of sunshine possible

scattered showers guaranteed

keep an eye out for slimy secretions

It doesn't look promising folks

make sure you have your thumbs ready


Sarah Snyder said...

Very Cute!

Dallise said...

We miss our girl. Oh, and you guys too!

Love ya,

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

That was awesome! You are so creative, Tarah! I hope tomorrow is a sunny day with nary a cloud. :)


Tarrah said...

Way too cute Tara, Love it!
I have seen way too many days like this lately though :)