Friday, May 2, 2008

For Jericho

For my love bug. You are 8 months old now, I can't believe it! I've enjoyed every moment that I am with you. I love watching you change and grow. I haven't done a very good job of keeping up with your baby book (I'm hoping to get to in in the next few week......haha I've been saying that for 8 months now!) I wanted to share of few things that you are doing right now because I know that you are going to be changing so much in the next few months.
  • You have 6 teeth with 1 (maybe 2, I can't tell) on the way.
  • There is a little bit of a space between your 2 front teeth and your bottom two are a little crooked and it's the cutest thing ever!
  • You always try to play with my eyelashes especially when I have mascara on which always makes me laugh!
  • You adore you daddy!
  • You don't hate you baby cereal any more but you don't love it either.
  • You're not crawling or scooting and it doesn't seem to both you at all (Take your time my life is going to get a lot crazier once you start.)
  • You still don't like you being on your belly.
  • You've been able to sit up for a few months now and that's all you want to do. Unless someone is around then....
  • You love holding onto someones hands so that you can stand. If I give you my hands you automatically pull yourself up and have no desire to sit.
  • You're still not a good napper but you sleep great at night! Thanks : )
  • It melts my heart when you suck your thumb, which you only do when you're falling asleep.
  • You love your blue blankie and get so excited when I cover you with it before naps and bed.
  • I love watching you play with your toys because you are so serious.
  • I love it even more when you catch me watching you and give me a HUGE smile!
  • You have the biggest bluest eyes that I've ever seen and when you look into peoples eyes I'm convinced that you can see into their soul. They amaze me.
  • Your legs hardly ever stop moving when someone is holding you.
  • It's cute how excited (or sometimes mad) you get when you know I am going to nurse you.
  • You recognize (and love) your Aunt Tori and I love that because she is mommy's best friend (not counting daddy of course).
  • It melts my heart how excited you get when daddy gets home, I love watching you two together.
  • You've recently decided that you could wave, I think you could before you just wouldn't (there are a few things that you've done this with) It's cute how you wave to anyone coming or going.
  • You have the best most kissable cheeks ever!
  • You start dancing whenever you hear music, sometimes you even make up your own.
  • You are such a ray of sunshine. One of the happiest babies I know! (and I know a lot of babies)
  • Your mommy can't get enough of you!
Jericho you truly are a Joy and I am so blessed to be your mommy! I'm so excited about getting to watch you grow. I know that the Lord has a purpose and a plan for your life and I'm thankful that I get to be part of it. Your only 8 month old and I can't imagine my life without you in it. You are and always will be my love bug.

I love the moon and back!

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Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

She's even more beautiful in person than in the pictures on the blog. And the pictures are gorgeous.

Eliza does the same thing with nursing. If I take more than half a second she stuffs her whole fist in her mouth and starts sucking away. Cracks me up!

Happy 8 months old Jericho!