Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dancing with Daddy

I love this video. I pray every daddy dances with his daughter like this. It makes me want to cry to see my man, my wonderful amazing husband, the father of my children loving my child, his daughter, our daughter so much. He is already teaching her how a man should treat a women, like a princess, with the utmost respect and care in the world. Because I could not think of a better way to put how I felt I am going to quote my friend Andrea. When I saw this, "I was like a piece of chocolate laying in a sunbeam.... totally melted."

Wanna know what Seth said when the song was over and he put Jericho down. I'm afraid to say it for fear that it will happen and the day will be here before I know it. It is already going to fast. He said that's a video that we can playing at Jericho's wedding before the daddy daughter dance.

It was like he read my mind. As they were dancing I saw Jericho growing up before my eyes. I saw them practicing for her first school dance. Then she was in high school wanting to dance with Seth so she would be ready for prom. Then I pictured Seth and Jericho dancing at her wedding. It reminded me of the Steven Curtis Chapman song Cinderella (the story behind the song is sweet). You should have seen her eyes sparkle today as she danced with Seth. Right now there is only one man that her eyes sparkle like that for.....her daddy. But one day, one day there will be another. Another man. On her wedding day she will be delighted to once again dance with her daddy but her eyes will be watching another, sparkling for another.

Oh be still my beating heart
a wedding is many years away.
Relish in precious moments here and now
don't give your time away.


Anonymous said...

OH Tarah as i am typing this tears stream down my face for so many reasons. Because my neiece is growing up so fast and I wish I was a part of it more, because you have an amazing husband that loves you and his daughter soooo much, because I am afraid you a right that we will blink and be standing at her wedding watching this video again with tears streaming down my face, and becasue I can not wait to watch my husband dancing with our little girl some day. I miss you guys so much. I need some sister time please try to come out sometime this summer. I Love You

Sarah said...

What a beautiful video!

Angela said...

Tarah, I'm not sure how I got to your blog, but I've been "spying" for a while now, and I just HAD to comment on this post! It made me tear up, seriously. I have the same thoughts about my daughter and husband, but you just seem to put it into words that I can't! It really is so sweet to see your husband loving your daughter so much, and bittersweet to know that one day she will love someone else! I also think about our daughter's wedding day often (too often), and get SO SAD thinking about it. She is growing up too fast!
Anyway, thanks for sharing that video. It was very heartwarming. :)

KT said...

So incredably sweet. What a beautiful little girl you have, and what a awesome daddy she has too. I always appreciate seth so much and his love for children...he makes every child he comes into contact with feel like a million bucks! I know K loves him!
Oh, and I am afraid of how fast our kids grow up....will they really grow up and get married??!!!
Also, great seeing you last night...we'll have to get together one of these days!

Tarrah said...

What a beautiful video Tarah. Daddys and daughters really do have something special.

Sam has a hard time listening to that song, he doesn't want to think of that time yet :)

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Oh Tarrah! It was beautiful. And just perfect. And everything you said is true. One day it's going to be someone else our girl's eyes sparkle for... My poor heart! I should be happy - maybe by the time it comes to that I will be able to be happy. But right now, I just want the sparkley eyes to always be for Daddy.

Eliza does this thing where she totally makes eyes at Daniel. She's only 6 months old and she just knows who her man is... it's the sweetest thing to see.