Monday, June 2, 2008

What do you do

when your daughter learns how to sit up in her crib but can't figure out how to get herself back down. It's okay if it's at the end of a nap

but it's not so good when it happens before bed

It's really not good when mommy decides to lay that sleeping baby on her back because sleeping like that can't be comfortable and that sleeping baby wakes up and cries for another hour plus.

This was my night. Jericho cries then screams. I peek in to see if she is sitting up. She is. I lay her down. She screams some more. I let her for awhile. Then I check on her again. Again she is sitting up. Again I go in and lay her down. Again she screams. I was like that for about 2 hours. It's been like this all week. My sweet baby girl who usually only takes minutes to fall asleep is taking 2+ hours and I don't know what to do.


Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Oh Tarah! That exhausting and frustrating, for both of you, I'm sure. I'm hoping that the novelty of sitting up wears off soon so you all can get some sleep!

Eliza has done this type of thing with rolling over - but not to the same extreme, thankfully.

I hope last night was better.

Oh, and could Jericho be any more adorable?! Eliza LOVED her letter from the other day. She appreciated the empathy very much :)


Faith said...

How funny you should ask. My friend Faith just posted about this same thing.

Check it out.