Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Dear Reader,

Brown rice here. I'm writing to ask for some help. Tarah just can't get seem to get the hang of cooking me right. She did it right the first few times but lately I've been mushy. I'm trying to help her out but I don't know what she is doing wrong either. She hasn't changed anything 2 cups water for ever 1 cup of me. Then she cooks me for 45 minutes. She knows she needs to change something she's just not sure what. Less water? More time? Less time? She trying she really is. Someone please help her!

Not wanting to be mush,


Belle said...

Not really sure about the regular type rice. I say "regular" because I usually use the minute rice kind! Maybe try that one!

Take care,

Susie said...

Try letting it stand for a 5-10 mins (at the end, off the burner) in whatever water is left and it will most likely absorb the last little bit of soupy-rice-water. I know that with white rice you can boil it for a few minutes and then turn it off and it absorbs perfectly, but brown rice reacts differently for me. Good luck!

Anna said...

I usually make brown rice in the microwave instead of on the stove because it comes out use a deep microwave safe bowl (so it doesn't boil over), add the water & the rice & cook for 15-25 minutes (depending on how much you have), stirring once in the middle. It's simple and turns the rice perfect every time...let us know what method you find works best!