Saturday, August 23, 2008

Oh Baby!

I think that title deserves repeating Oh Baby! with all the news of babies I've recieved since I got back from Georgia.

August 19th was the lucky day for two of my bloggy friends. That Tuesday was when Tarrah gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and also when Brittany welcomed her identical twin daughters into the world! Congratulations ladies! Brittany was in a car accident right before she had the babies and Tarrah had complications afterwards so if you think of them please be praying.

Also while I was gone Bee announced that she was expecting again. I think she is due just a few weeks after Sarah. Someone else is due around that time too but more on that later.

While we were on vacation we got to see Seth's brother and his wife who is a little over 6 months pregnant with their first. I've obviously known that she was pregnant for some time now but actually getting to see Elizabeth with her cute little belly (I didn't take any pictures and I'm still kicking myself) makes it all the more real that in just a few months I will be welcoming another nephew. I can't wait to meet him in November!

Speaking of nephew (or maybe niece) I have another one on the way! My older sister Thea is pregnant! She is due with their first in the middle of February (around the same time as Bee & Sarah!)

I'm excited about all these babies but I must admit the last two I am thrilled about and really can't wait to meet. I love being an aunt!

Like I said Oh Baby!

ok how many of you thought I was going to announce that I was pregnant? I want to know, be honest! It's okay you can admit it.


Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I have this weird pregnancy thing... I very often know when people are pregnant without them saying anything. It's uncanny and slightly disturbing.

I wasn't feeling it this time :) But that would have been SO SO exciting if you had announced!

Yay for babies!!!


Faith said...

stepping up to admit it....thought it was you

Michelle said...

Yep! I must confess I thought it might have been you!

Hilary said...

Wow that's alot of new life coming into this world! Yeah! Glad you made it home safe from your trip..

Rachel said...

Yeah, Sarah and I (I'm friends w/Sarah too!) are a week apart on our pregnancies. We became friends after I lost my first baby last year. My cousin Lydia who is my same age just found out she pregnant with her third after losing her 11 month old son in July. Seems like baby fever to me...;)

Anonymous said...

I was really hoping it was you!! but I am excited that it is Thea...she is on the way to my house to pick up Jerichos bday present! I can't wait to see her....I don't know if I can wait for her to tell me! :) I might have to blurt it out!

Courtney @ splashing grace said...

raising hand... I thought it was you too :)

Emily said...

I've been one of your blog spies for a while now, but I thought I would jump in and comment on this one. Greg and I are expecting our first in mid-February too! Can you imagine Greg Keilback as a dad?!? Crazy, huh?!? (and yes, I thought it was you too!)

Sarah Snyder said...

I'm aware of alot of people being pregnant so I didn't think it was you... however I will admit I would be TOTALLY excited if you had been making an announcement. :)