Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Have you ever wondered why men and women don't combined their last names when they get married to make a new last name that's not his or her but theirs?

No? Well why not? It's a good idea don't ya think.

Seriously though I never have wondered about it till I came across this sign the other day

This is what our last name would have been.

Goodson - son + Truesdale - Trues = Goodale.

Half of him & half of me.

What do ya think? Should we do it? Should we change our last name?

On second thought I rather like my married last name!

I think I'll keep it - FOREVER!


Faith said...

Seriously....that is like a story tale! Somebody good married somebody true???? Good and True!! Really, that is pretty amazingly cool...and good! :) haha

Hilary said...

Too cute..you two make an awesome couple :) Love the Daddy breakfast..too sweet.

Tarrah said...

You are too funny! I love it! I really don't think I would have thought of that

Anonymous said...


I have to give it to you....that is pretty creative of you to be thinking like that. Not that your not creative, but that is something that I would think of too with my crazy mind. Nice!