Friday, September 26, 2008

Is it naptime yet?

This morning while I was making the cookies, Jericho wandered into her room. It was a little past nap time but she was happily playing so I wasn't sweating it. The last batch of cookies were in the oven and would be done soon. I was planning on nursing Jericho and then put her down after that. Unsure of what Jericho was doing in her room, it had gotten quite and every mommy knows that quiet = trouble, so I went to check on her while the cookies finished baking into warm gooey delicious works of art, oh sorry we were talking about the baby not the yummy cookies in the oven. Sometimes I get the two confused because they are both so heavenly. In her room I saw that Jericho was contently waiting for me to get done with what I was doing so I could put her down for a nap. She's such a good girl!

Mama are you done making those yummy cookies yet? I'm tired!

Don't forget to turn my nap time music on, you know how much I love music!

Mama, I'm really tired!

Zzzzzzz... thaxzzzz mamaaa... Zzzzzzz...

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Anonymous said...

My sweet baby girl.

Moni aka Dallise