Monday, September 1, 2008

Remember the Cross

There are battles going on within us. In our souls. For our souls. Can you feel them? I can.

You can see them too. Not with your earthly eyes but with the eyes of your soul and the spirit that resides in your soul. Do you know what I'm talking about? Some of you do. Some of you know exactly what I'm talking about. You can tell when your heading into a battle. Something in your spirit starts to stir. You are unsettled, antsy, and nothing seems right but you don't know why. Then you see it. You know why your spirit was uneasy because the battle has begun. It's time to strap on your boots and take up your sword. It's time to fight and you are ready. But before long you're tired, you wanna give up, to quite, you don't know if fighting this battle is worth it. You're not sure you can even remember what you are fighting for. You are scared. Will you be able to handle it? Will your heart be able to handle the torment that you sometimes feel? Even if you make it through this battle, maybe even pull out a win this time, there will be another battle to fight before to long and another and another. How many more can you handle? How long can this go on? Is it really worth it, you wonder again.

You have these thoughts (or similar ones) because you have lost sight, lost sight of.....


You must look to and stay focused on the cross. Remember what Jesus did for you.

Be encouraged because our fight is not of this world and neither are our weapons. God has overcome this world and you are a child of God therefore you have overcome the world and have victory.

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