Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Forgotten Birthday Party Pictures

The Invitation
(Yes, they were homemade!)

The Cake(s)
(All these were homemade too!)

The Daddy, The Mommy & The Birthday Bug

The Birthday Girl in The Birthday Swing
(Huge thanks to Bears Outdoor Playgrounds for The Birthday Swing!)

The Papa that wanted to play The Game
"Pin the Spot on the Lady Bug"

The Look from The Lady Bug he "Pinned the Spot" on

The Results of The Game

The Happy Little Boy with The Candy thanks to The Pinata!
(Thanks also to The Moni who got The Pinata and The Candy; The Kids loved it!)

The Best Gift
If you ask The Birthday Girl it was The Baby Doll
if you ask The Mommy it was The Bow : )

The Age

The Birthday Lady Bug eating The Birthday Lady Bug Cake

The Daddy taking The Birthday Bug to get clean

The Bath that cleaned The Lady Bug

The Result of The Birthday Party

The End!


Michelle said...

Happy Belated Birthday Jericho!!!

She is absolutely adorable smothered in cake! (Your cake was amazing btw).

Sarah Snyder said...

Those are some great pictures and it looked like a very well planned out party. Great family pic... love the matching. :)

Dawn said...

Cutest birthday cake EVER!


Hilary said...

You did an AWESOME job making those ladybug cakes and cupcakes!! Great job! Love all the pictures..makes little missy look so grown up :) Thanks for sharing never too late to share cuteness I always say :)

Courtney @ splashing grace said...

love that you're all wearing red - looks like it was a great party!