Saturday, November 1, 2008

Lets Chat!

Hello old friend

How are you? It has been way too long since we've talked. Come on in have a seat and lets chat.

Wanna know why I've been gone? First let me ask you have you ever been without your computer, phone and camera all at the same time? No? Well, that was me for a bout two and a half weeks. That is why I was MIA. I must admit I miss all of them terrible at the beginning but I quickly got used to not having electronics. Honestly, I actually enjoyed it a little bit. But don't tell anyone they might think I'm crazy. Wanna know why I kind of liked not having them? I've never gotten so much stuff done in two and a half weeks in my life. Seriously it was amazing; you should try it sometime. For just a moment I knew what life was like before cell phones, laptops and digital cameras. I'm thankful for the technology that we have but sometimes we all need a break from it if not to realize how blessed we are by going without for a little while.

No, I was not fasting electronics, it was not on purpose that I went without these wonderful inventions for so long, it just so happened that our computer crashed, my phone when crazy (seriously only certain numbers worked and only some of the time and when I would hang up the phone would call them back on speaker and not let me hang up or take it off speaker, it really was crazy!) and the battery on the camera went dead (and wouldn't recharge) all within a few days of each other. What is even crazier to me is that I got them all back on the same day.

Everything has been working since Monday, but it was Harvest Party week. Seth is in charge of Harvest Party (which is a safe alternative to trick or treating put on by our church) Harvest Party is one of the craziest weeks of the year for us, plus I had a sick baby, so I had to pretended that the computer was still out of commission. I really had, I didn't want to but to there was just not other option. BUT Harvest Party is now over, the baby is feeling better and would you have guessed that the computer is working!!

Okay, okay I'll get back to the good stuff. The baby. I know you've missed seeing her adorable face more than anything. If I didn't get to see her every single day I think I'd cry so I can understand you sadness missing her beautiful face. Unfortunately we had to totally wipe out our computer and we haven't reloaded our picture software yet so I don't have any new pictures for you. Yet. But I will. Soon. I promise. Actually now that I think about it I might have one that I can email from my camera. Don' worrythough Jericho is just as cute as ever. Even when she had 102+ fever she was happy. I can't get enough of that girl.

Oh and she started walking but then she stopped walking. Ha. (I do have video of it. PTL the camera was working then. Once we get the computer stuff loaded I'll post it.) She walked for a night, one night, then decided that walking wasn't cool but crawling is. The girl is crazy she really doesn't care to do things unless she can do them perfectly. I have no idea who she could get that from. She will walk, on a regular basis, soon enough. I have to keep reminding myself that. I was in no hurry to have her start walking but I must admit I at the point where I ready. She is in need of new clothes but I don't want to get them till she starts walking because she'll just wear the knees out of them like she is doing now. I need the clothes that buy to last as long as possible. But she will walk in her own time. Have you read any of the books about a duckling named Ruby? Ruby is a careful duckling who likes to take things slowly, in her own time. So far I've found four in the series. I'd like to get these for Jericho because she is so much like Ruby. In case we forget or try to push her to fast Jericho always reminds us that she will do things in her own timing not ours. I love that girl! God continually uses her to remind me to slow down and be paitent. Far to often I try to push God into doing things on my timing rather than waiting for His. Praise the Lord He patient with me. Not willing to budge with His ajenda but slways reminding me - not your timing but mine. My timing is perfect! Sometimes I'm a little slow but I think I'm starting to understand.

Isaiah 55:8,9
For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
neither are your ways my ways,"
declares the LORD.

"As the heavens are higher than the earth,
so are my ways higher than your ways
and my thoughts than your thoughts.

Well thanks for chatting. When we first sat down to talk you probably never would have know that earlier in the day I had my undies in a bunch. I wanted things my way in my timing but as we sat here and talked I saw the error of my ways. It really helped thanks. We have more catching up to do so make sure you come on back! It was good to talk again!

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Hilary said...

Glad that your back..been missing pictures and updates! :)