Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Thank You Lord for Christmas

About an hour ago I was getting ready to sit down and tell you have everything in life was perfect. My older (7 month pregnant - yippy!) sister and I were hanging out in the house, the boys (seth, my bro & my bro-in-law) were out making a big ol snow man, the (not so little) baby was down for a nap, my parents made it here safe and sound (after driving through the night, half of the time through a snow storm, all the way from IL), my little sister was feeling much better after being sick (throwing up and the whole 9 yards) all day yesterday and best of all it's Christmas Eve. Like I said all seemed right in the world.

That was before we realized that the dogs (my sister brought her dog up) were missing. One came back. That one was NOT Gamba. I know, big surprise. We looked for almost an hour before we found him. But we found him and that's what matters. All is once again right in my world. Now instead of everyone here or there we are all gathered in one living room, in my living room!

Tonight we will all head to church for a Christmas celebration. To give glory to the King, the son of God, that was born to a virgin, that was laid in a manger, the babe grew up to be a man, that man gave his life on a cross for my sins, for your sins. The first Christmas was the beginning of God's ultimate plan to send his son to save mankind.

Thank you Lord for new beginnings.
For putting your plans into motion.
For caring about our lives.
Thank you Lord for Christmas.

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Rachel said...

I hope you and your family have a Very Merry Christmas, Tarah!