Wednesday, January 28, 2009


After writing the tongue tied (see previous post) it got me thinking about why I was frustrated. I decided it was because I really don't know what to blog about. I need a mission statement for my blog. What is my purpose of writing? What are my core values? What is my vision for this season of blogging. Now I don't mean to sound all buisnessy on you, I am some what joking but I am serious too.

I like things to be organized and well planned out. I want to know where I am going and what I am doing. For me to function and stay sane in life I need these things. I am learning that I need them in every area of my life. I thought blogging might be an acceptation to the rule, well actually I didn't think that, one day I just started blogging, without a plan, without a reason (other than to keep my family updated - which really is a good reason but you know that I mean) and after a year and a half I am finally realizing that it drives me crazy not having a plan for this stinking blog. Don't get me wrong I love writing, I just don't know what direction to take things.

Yet, maybe that's what blogging is all about. Writing about what life throws at you. The funny stories, the hard days, the simple things, the life changing moments, I could go on for hours. The problem is I don't feel like I am doing that.

In order to do that I need time. Now I have time, we all do, I just don't want to give this blog the amount of time that it takes to do the kind of blog I would like to have. Did ya get that? Ha!

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that I either need to A) pick a few things to focus on and only write about them. B) give blogging all the time it needs so it can be what I always hoped - ok go ahead laugh, I am, because we both know that this is not going to happen. I have a young family to care of. I would give them my time over blogging any day! so lets move on to my last two options.... C) stop blogging. D) learn to not only be ok with the randomness while I blog but enjoy and have fun with it, in the amount of time allotted, of course.

We already know B is out. At this point I'm leaning more towards A or D. It's hard to let C be an option because I do enjoy blogging and I started it for my family, but I'd be lying if I said I haven't given C any thought, I have, it is an option.


Sarah said...

I love reading about your random stories things that your family is up too, or the food you are cooking

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Let the randomness ensue!! I love reading your posts no matter the topic... so relax, blog, and enjoy. We're reading!


Michelle said...

So I've been having similar thoughts lately - it must be the season!

I so do not think you should stop blogging all together. Just be you and be as random as you like. Blog for yourself and for your family memories. Be free and have fun!

Anonymous said...

To me blogging is the passionate expression of a persons thoughts, ideas, feelings and creativity to list a few. Your main objective should be to entertain, teach and stimulate other individuals minds through the process of writing.You have to be a zealous, selfless individual with a divine need to create something great for other people and all I can say is keep doing what your doing girl!Blogging is a reflection in the mirror of what you want to show to the world and the ones you love most. It is about you and your life! It is the mirror image of who we are and what we are. So, Tarah, stop all that crazy babble and feeling like you have to have an organized plan to write about...Blog away my dear friend and keep doing what your doing....if your life was perfect and not filled with randomness, I definitely would'nt have much interest in your words because I couldn't relate! Enjoy your blogging! We live so far away...I just want to know whats happening...not how eloquent your words are. You feelin' me?? Love ya.


Anonymous said...

You absolutely cannot stop blogging, it is the way I know what is going on in your life. We are so far away and do not get a chance to talk much, so this keeps me up to date and lets me watch that beautiful girl grow!