Sunday, February 1, 2009

Potty Training - Is it to early?

How do you know when a kid is ready to start potty training?

Jericho and I went grocery shopping other day. Jericho is normally very happy to shop because there is always someone to talk to. She also loves shopping because sometimes mommy lets her get down to help push the cart. Mommy didn't realize what she was getting herself into when she did this for the first time because now it takes her 2.3 second of being in a cart before she wants "dow" (down)so she can push the cart. So, the other day, when she sat in the cart for almost 5 minutes without a word to anyone I started to wonder why she was so quiet. I looked at her and as she looked at me her eyes got really big. I asked her if something was wrong and she patted her bottom and said something that resembled poopy. Sure enough she had gone poopy and she wanted her diaper changed.

Because Jericho was the one that told me she was poopy and needed to be changed I decided to bring the potty chair up and see if she might want to use it. I know around the time that she normally needs her diaper changed so I kept and eye and her. When she looked like she was ready to go I asked if she wanted to go poopy on the potty. I was a little surprised when said yes and ran to the bathroom. So we sat on the potty. We sat in there for a few minutes reading a book when she looked at me and said "ah daah" (all done.) It hadn't been that long so I thought she was bored. When she got I was shocked to see that Jericho really had gone poopy in the potty.

In the last 2 days she has gone poopy on the potty twice and the one time we were home and she went poopy in her diaper she said "uh oh, uh oh" and was kind of upset that she didn't make it to the potty, she was playing by the time she realized she had to go it was too late. This morning we were at church when she told me she had to go. I told her it was ok and I would change her when she was done. I probably should have tried to take her to go on the potty but I am not sure how much I want to encourage it. She didn't seem t mind not going on the potty too much

She has gone poopy on the potty but she hasn't gone pee pee on the potty yet. Does that mean she isn't ready? Or does it just mean that, thanks to diapers, she can't really tell as easily when she is wet. If it's the later what do I do to get her to realize when she is wet? Is there a list of signs that I should be looking for that shows she is ready to potty train? Does age really matter when potty training? I have so many questions I don't even know where to start. I am not even sure I want Jericho potty trained yet.

I guess if we do decide to try this potty training thing I don't want to do it half heatedly. I want to do it all the way. If I do it all the way and it doesn't work then I know Jericho wasn't ready. I'd rather have that then have her be ready and me not training her as if she were ready.

If you have any suggestions, advice, things that worked for you, things that didn't, on potty training I'd love to hear it. Even if we don't start potty training now it won't be long!


Emily said...

Obviously I dont' have much experience in this arena (yet!), but I would say that if Jericho is taking the initiative on her own, she is probably ready. I think you can probably move at her pace though, and when she wants to go in the potty, let her. Eventually she'll get the peeing thing down too, but there's no need to rush her into it and make her feel like she has to "perform". I think you're right to just let her do her thing for now!

Anonymous said...

My sister started potty training at 15 months. My mom didn't make her, she just always wanted to, sounds like what Jericho is doing. My niece did really well when she first started, then backtracked a little...I would say go with it if she wants to.

Andrea Silvis said...


Usually girls are ready by 18 months. Many people miss the signs, though, and wait. It looks like Jericho is making it pretty clear, though. I would try the 3 day method where you put her into underwear. The diaper doesn't allow her to feel "wet". Since she is already doing her poopy on the potty, this method shouldn't be nearly as messy for you as it could be! The thing is that you can't go back once you go to the underwear and you need to commit to it for 3 days. Most people I know who have tried this method have had success around day 2-3. Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

What a big girl! I think she is wantint to use the potty. It is a little more inconvenient, but worth it in the end. Most kids don't like to poopy on the potty, you've got that part done first! I would think this would make it an easier transition!