Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Just wanted you to know....

...that I did get birthday dessert on my birthday! How about that :)

I usually get my sugar from my wonderful friend Jen because she buys it in bulk (50 pound bag - talk about bulk!) It's cheaper for me to buy it from her, so I do. Well, on my birthday I decided I really did want some caramel corn, especially since Seth and I were going to a movie later that night, I mean is there a better snack for a movie? I think not! Anyway, If Jen was home I planed on picking up some sugar and heading home so I could make to make the caramel corn during Jericho's nap so it would be ready for our movie. I called Jen and was in luck, she didn't have to work, I could swing by and get some sugar. I stopped by to pick up the sugar and guess what!?! she had a big ol' tub of caramel corn made just for me on my birthday! It was delicious, a perfect snack for our movie! Thanks Jen! And thanks to the little birdie that told her I was wanting some caramel corn for my birthday dessert. It made my day!

Yes, the tub really was FULL when I got it.
Yes, this picture really was taken the day after my birthday.
Yes, there really was only that much left when we took the picture.
Yes, it really was that good!


Sarah Snyder said...

That's awesome...caramel popcorn is the best!

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

No prob! Us busy mamas... we have to have each other's back, ya know :)

Glad you had a fantastic time with your man on your special day!!


Rachel said...

You should share the recipe!! :) (either yours or your friend's! :))

Tarrah said...

That recipe is just wonderful! And I think my bucket would have been that empty too :)

I'm glad you had such a good birthday!

Hilary said...

So cute!! Glad you and the hubs had a great time and snack :)