Friday, May 22, 2009

The Details - Background

The details. Hmmm...where do I even start?

First a little back ground, with my first 2 pregnancies not only did I have a baby growing inside me, I had big ol' blood clots in my uterus as well. The doctors had no idea where these blood clots came from and could only guess what caused them. Because of these blood clots I hemorrhaged from 7 weeks till the end of my pregnancies. I was 16 weeks when I miscarried Grace, this was my first pregnancy and during my second pregnancy Gideon was born at 26 weeks. From the time I stared having problems at 7 weeks I was put on strict bed rest both times.

After my first pregnancy my doctor told me that sometimes these things just happen and we never know why, but that the likelihood of me having the same problems with any subsequent pregnancies was slim to none.

Then I got pregnant for Gideon and had the exact same problems.

I had the doctors were scratching their heads. They actually told me that when doctors hear horse hoofs they automatically think a horse is coming but that I was the zebra that ran by. They had no idea what to do with me, the zebra. Boy, was this comforting......NOT!

After Gideon died my doctor told me that he wanted me to take some time for my body and my heart to heal. Then he wanted to come in so we could start some testing to see if they could find out why I had the same problems for both my pregnancies.

So, they tested me for everything under the sun and came up with nothing, nada, zero, zilch. My doc said this was both a good a bad thing. Good because it mean it might not happen again but bad because we still had no answers and he wasn't willing to risk this happening again without taking precautions. He told me that every pregnancy I had he wanted me on bed rest from the time I found out till I was 28 weeks. If I had no problems at 28 weeks he'd let me be up and around. He also planned on keeping an eye on my hormone levels and giving me supplements if need be. I have been on progesterone suppositories for every pregnancy......but this one!

Here is a little background from my previous pregnancies, details from this pregnancy are to still to come.


Rachel said...

Praying and hoping for a healthy pregnancy for you, Tarah! :)


brietta said...

So were the SCHs? That's what I had my last pregnancy and the blood clot was delivered with Aubrey (miraculously, full-term). I was on a yahoo board with many women who suffered losses and who also dealt with SCHs multiple times. I am on pins and needles for the rest of your story now!