Friday, July 17, 2009

Did ya guess right?

So I have a whole slew of pictures that I need to post but it's getting late. I spent to much time looking at other stuff online (because I only get on the computer about once ever 2 weeks.) Plus you don't really care about picture right now do you. I think you'd rather know what we are having. Wouldn't you? Yeah that's what I though.

But first let me tell you that everything looked good on the ultrasound. This is always such a relief. They couldn't see the spine very well because of how the baby was laying so I will get another one in 4 weeks at my next doctors appointment. Other than not being able to see the spine things look good!

Okay now we can talk about the gender of the baby.

I'm going to give you a hint and you see if you can firgure it out.

Are you ready?!?

Well we have already had one of these....
did ya figure it out?

No, well why not?
Oh yeah maybe it's because we've had a boy and a girl

Okay, okay try this one....
They are snugly and sweet and your just wan to eat them up.

Wait, wait that could be a baby boy or baby girl too

How about if I told you....
that Seth and I are excited

No? That's doesn't help you figure it out? and why not?

Yeah I guess we'd be excited either way so that doesn't help much.

How about this....
It has two little eyes, two little ears, a cute button noes, ten little fingers and ten little toes

hey wait a minute it still could be a boy or a girl too!

Alright I'll quite messing with ya

but only because I don't want you to start crying...

Try this...
We already have one of these at HOME!

There now that really should help ya

That's right we have another little LADY on the way!

So tell me did you know?

We didn't. We are a little surprised. We both thought that it was a boy (as did many of you according to the poll) Maybe it was because I'm due on Gideon's birthday so it's just in us to think boy. Despite the surprise we are excited. I do hope that someday we have another little boy but for today we are thrilled for this little girl that is on it's way. My sisters are my best friends and knowing that Jericho has a little sister on the way makes me more excited than you will ever know. Sisters are a special thing and I can't wait to watch my girls be sisters!


Courtney @ splashing grace said...

congratulations! two little girls - how sweet :)

Paige said...

HEY! I that's what I told you last Sunday!! I really felt like God wanted Jericho to have a relationship like you have with your sisters. I never had that and always wished that I did! YEAH! Another sweet girl to play with!!


Hilary said...

Yeah!!! Congrats! A girl was my guess :)

Anna said...

That's awesome! Congrats you guys! She is going to be one sweet baby:) And I'm sure Jericho will love having a sister who she can grow & be best friends with with!

Anonymous said...

Sisters are Great!!! So happy for you guys!

Emily said...

Congratulations! I guessed girl too! Mainly because I think you are a wonderful female role model for a little girl to grow up with! ;)

Dawn said...

Yay! I guessed girl too!


Michelle said...

Awww... how exciting! You look great by the way!