Monday, September 21, 2009

I owe you.....

...a birthday post.

So, here it is, mostly in pictures form. We had a wonderful day at Springdale Farm, just the 3 of us, well 4 of if you count the baby on board! Jericho couldn't have enjoyed herself more, it couldn't have been nicer out and Mommy and daddy couldn't have been more thrilled celebrating their 2 year old! These were all taken on Jericho's actual birthday and are my favorite out of the bunch although I got a ton more, like one of Jericho hugging each and every animal on the farm. The girl is not afraif of anything. I hope there will be another post to follow, sometimes soon, of when my family came up a week later to celebrate with us.

She's TWO!

Calling the horse and trying to be just like daddy!

He came!

Reluctant to leave but there are so many more animals to see.

The"bock bocks"
(as Jericho calls them)

Feeding the always hungry goats

My Favorite

She's a girl on a mission!

Wow BIG tractor

2 year old hands

The pond

Eskimo kisses for mama

A Fire to roast hot dogs for dinner
Jericho's favorite

New boots with missing feet

The missing feet that are just TWO sweet!


Hilary said...

OMG little missy you are getting way too big!!! the pictures are great!! Hope your b-day was great too :) WOW 2!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow Tarah, your belly is getting so cute and big! I love the pictures of Jericho too....she is growing up fast! love you.


Anonymous said...

She is soooo big! (you tooo!) it looks like the little one is stretching out! Love all the pics! We have missed keeping up with you guys!