Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It's Yellow, Yellow, just say Yellow

They do say you reap what you sew.

Jericho is as stubborn as they come, I'm still trying to figure out why that shocks me, but it for some reason, it does. I guess I was hoping she'd get her father's genes when it came to the stubbornness category.

I've already started praying for this next baby.

We've been working on our colors lately. Jericho picked them up quick, all of them, but for some reason she pretends not to know the color yellow.

The other day we were reading a book all about colors. As I'm reading I have her tell me what each color is, without hesitating she tells me all of them..... all of them except yellow. Our conversation went something like this:

me: Jericho what color is this?
Jericho: wed (red)
me: No it's not red Jericho what color is it?
Not even looking at the page she says: bwew (blue)
me: No Jericho mommy wants you to look at the picture and tell me what color it is.
Jericho (she takes a quickly peeking at the page) then repeats: wed (red)
me (now starting to get just a little frustrated because I know she knows what color it is): No Jericho please tell mommy what color is on this page.
Jericho: tun page (turn page)
me: I know you know what color this is and we are going to stay on this page till you tell me what color it is.
Jericho: bwew (blue).
me: No it's not blue. Please look at the page and tell mommy what color it is.
Jericho: wed (red)
me(starting to now find it a little humorous remembering the stories my mom told me about me learning my alphabet and deciding that if Jericho wants to spend time pretending to no know the color yellow I will spend time teaching her the color yellow): No Jericho it's not red. Please go get mommy a yellow block from the bottom drawer.
Without missing a beat Jericho goes and get a yellow block for me.
me: Yes this is a yellow block now if this is yellow and it's just like the color in the book what color is in the book.
Jericho: wed (red).
me: No Jericho it's not red. Please go get mommy a yellow plate from your tea party set.
Without missing a beat she gets a yellow plate from her tea party set.
me: Good job Jericho! That is a yellow plate and this is a yellow block so what color is this?
Jericho: bwew.
me: No Jericho. It's NOT blue. Please go get mommy a yellow ball.

This went on and on. Without missing a beat she brought me a yellow block, plate, ball, teddy bear and ring before she finally told me, with a wicked little grin on her face, that the color in the book was indeed wello (yellow.) But THEN while we were putting all our yellow toys away she would not tell me that the ring was yellow, it was wed (red), so we sat there another 10 min till she got bored of her little "I don't know what color yellow is game" and finally told me that the ring was wello (yellow.) Can you believe she did the same thing to Seth when he got home. I couldn't believe it!

Oh child of mine, child of mine, what shall I do with you? Love you, love you, this is is true but out stubborn you I shall do too!


Anonymous said...

The apple does not fall far from the tree. I love you both Momma Tarah and smart little JJ Goodson!

Boppa Trues

Dr Phil said...

I can't believe you are saying those things about her. She is just being creative.

Love that girl.

Rachel said...

That's stinkin' adorable. You have one smart lil' girl on your hands, Tarah! :)

Can't wait to hear all about baby #2!! :)