Saturday, October 23, 2010

Speaking of...

In case you haven't notice I've been doing a horrible job of blogging. I want to get back into it because when I write I process. I need to process. Therefore, I need to write. So, I've decided that since I'm out of blogging shape to get back into it I'm just going to pretend like we are old friends and that as I type it's just two friends shooting the breeze together - feel free to shoot the breeze back at me in the comment section :)

I just found out that a dear friend of my is pregnant!!!! (I have you all guessing now don't I)

Speaking of being pregnant the other day a few weeks ago (time flies when you're having fun!) I called my sister and said can you believe that in 5 weeks (which has now turned into 2 weeks) you are going to be having another baby and my baby is going to be 1! Truly I was in shock. Since then I've been keeping a careful on on my Havey girl and it's true...she's not acting much like a baby anymore but a toddler, walking and everything!

Speaking of everything...Haven has a new nickname - Haven the Hurricane. The girl gets into everything and when she's done you don't know what hit, just like a hurricane!

Speaking of hurricane have you ever heard of Jimmy Needham? He's one of my new favorite artist and he has a song called "Hurricane." It's good.

Speaking of needing things (I'm now listening to his song) we are in need of a car. We only have had one car so when that goes went we're less. We need would like something that seats more than 5 (no, I am not pregnant but, my husband is a youth pastor and we are always would haul extra kids if we had the room, plus we do want more kids!) We are trusting the Lord for provision.

Speaking of provision a few weeks ago, when it was pouring down rain, we discovered that the not one but two leaks in our roof, that we had "fixed" (re-tared) already, were once again was time...time for a new roof! Having 3 long days of constant rain helped us quickly decide that we should had to put a new roof. This was around the same time we were suspecting that our car was not going to make it and now our roof wasn't going to make it. Roofs are not cheap (neither are cars.) We were not sure where the money for the roof (or the car) was going to come from but, God is faithful and within 24 hrs we were blessed with $3,000. Enough to put a roof on our small house if you have 13 wonderful men & young fellas willing to work for the price of a sheet pizza and homemade cookies! Which we were blessed to have :) Thanks again guys for helping!

Speaking of helping, Jericho is such a big helper! Until I step back and start really watching I forget all of the BIG girl things she does. Her chores right now are unloading the silverware (we don't put our sharp knives in the dishwasher), helping daddy collect garbage once a week, stacking all the cloth wipes and putting them away when mommy washes diapers, dusting anything she can reach (when mommy actually gets around to dusting), along with the daily making her bed everyday, getting dressed/undressed, brushing her teeth, picking up her (& Haven's) toys and putting them where they go. She really is such a big helper! Most of the time she does all her chores without fussing and with a smile on her face. And boy do I love that smiling face!

Speaking of love have ya met my husband? I love that man so much! Things have been a little rough around here (have I mentioned the well not working and having no water for 3 days, or our broken heater and a list of other things to long to think about. Needless to say we're getting hit hard with house stuff right now) My man is such a faith filled guy that he makes it so easy to follow his lead and trust God with everything.

Speaking of following is lead, he's in bed, sleeping, I think I'll go join him.

Speaking of sleep I'd love to get some! It's been rare these days. I've been staying up way to late and Haven has not been sleeping through the night. She's been up a few times a night for way to long. I hope when all these teeth come in that will change.

Speaking of Haven, Jericho, Seth, having a house, having a roof on our house, having the money to put a roof on our house and anything else I mentioned. I'm reminded of one thing...

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Sarah said...

what a great way to jot yoru thoughs. I enjoyed reading.. and I did for a min by the way you were writing think you where going to say you were pregnant