Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ephraim's Birth Story, Part 1

You might want to read preface to Ephraim’s birth story first before reading this to get the whole story :)

Haven had her last important Dr’s appointment in the morning on June 13th and wouldn’t you know I started having contractions Tuesday night. I went to bed praying it was false labor so I could get some sleep and I could make it to Haven appointment in the morning. It was so weird to pray for false labor when I’d felt so plagued by it this pregnancy. Thankfully I slept through the night and in the morning we got ready for Haven’s appointment. If I would have known the events of the day I would have laughed in the secretaries face when she looked at me and said something like, “You made it and you’re still pregnant! Good I’ve been wondering about you.” (I had called and tried to get on a cancellations list cause I knew I was a ticking bomb just waiting for the wrong time to go off. I’m so tempted to call and tell her what happened later that night :) Anyway, we made it to Haven’s appointment and thankfully we heard exactly what we wanted to and there was nothing major to worry about. Now we were ready to have a baby! Seth has Wednesdays off and knowing that I could “go” at any moment took Haven on a date and then ran a few errands.

By the late afternoon I was fried, we still had to pick Jericho up, and I had no idea what was for dinner! We went to pick Jericho up at a girlfriends house and when she offered to watch both girls for a few more hours so I could rest I (literally) cried! I was so tired! I went home and slept while Seth mowed, picked up the girls, ran one more major errand with the girls and picked up pizza for dinner (Yeah he’s my favorite;) I think I slept for 4 hours; it was amazing! 

I got up remembering that Seth had to leave for cadre at 6:30 pm and in the hour that I was awake and he was home I had a few irregular but decent contractions. I think we joked about how funny it’d be if I had the baby tonight since we’d been telling the baby he/she had to wait till Haven’s appointments were over. Seth left saying call if they get regular. They didn’t. Oh and did I mention that a buddy of his text him and asked if he wanted to see a late movie after cadre? Yeah so glad he decided not to go! Anyway, back to the story, I put the girls to bed somewhere between 7 & 7:30 and decided to call my sister to take my mind off the irregular contractions that were now starting to annoy me. We talked for over an hour and by the end, during a contraction, she asked if I was all right. I had noticed that the contractions were getting harder and thought maybe this is the real thing but I’d been subconsciously timing them while we talked and they weren’t regular at all. I’d have one then 8 minutes later have another one then 2 minutes after that have another one then 10 minutes later have another one and then have 3 in a row all a minute apart, they were so random! Even though I was pacing through them (that’s just what I do, pace like a mad woman, I go insane if I have to sit still or God forbid be strapped to a stinking monitor, yeah it happened, with Jericho, not cool!) I wasn’t too worried though cause with the girls once labor started it was every 5 minutes (or less as I go going) and very regular. After I got off the phone with Thea, Seth still wasn’t home and I vaguely remembered that he said he’d be later than usual because he had a meeting with a parent after cadre. So, I called my mom, it was now 9pm. We talked for an hour and around the time Seth walked in I was wrapping thing up with my mom telling her that with how strong these still random contractions were getting I thought I would probably be calling her in the morning telling her if she had another granddaughter or grandson, (Anyone wanna guess how long it was from when I hung up till when Seth called her with the details of Ephraim? Remind me to tell you at the end of the story! ; )

So from then on things got a little crazy so stay tuned for part 2!

(Sorry I was really hoping to finish and I know I’m driving some of you nuts but 2 of my 3 were are sick. The baby has already been up multiple times and I’m afraid it’s going to be a long night so I’m going to bed!  More next week....maybe sooner!)

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