Thursday, August 9, 2007

Camp Fun!

This is our second year in kids ministry and since Seth is the children's pastor we get to benefit from the traditions of the ministry. At our church every year we send kids up to Camp Shiloh for the week and they love it. Last year Seth and I got to go up for the whole week and we had a blast!

Last Year

Because of my present circumstances we only got to go up for the day yesterday, but what a day it was! Some of our favorite traditions at camp have become the mud slip'n'slide and watermelon football.

Look at him Go!

Two thumbs WAY up!

To play watermelon football you must have a watermelon covered in crisco, a pool or lake or some type of body of water which is the field, and people. Keep in mind that these people must enjoy being pushing and shoving in the water, not being able to find or hold onto the ball, getting covered in crisco, and having a blast! I highly recommend playing sometime.

Get Ready,

get set,


Seth scored!

I can't wait till next year when I will get to play again!

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Katie S. said...

Oh, Yes camp days...I do miss them! Watermelon football is one of my favorite games. Nice Pics!!