Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tarah had a little lamb

For the last 3 days I have felt like Mary. No, not Mary from the Bible. Mary from the nursery rhymes who had a little lamb. My little lamb doesn't have fleece as white as snow, but he does follow me where ever I go. This is what my little lamb looks like

I don't know how but Gamba can definitely tell change is in the air. As I said before he hasn't left my side in 3 days. If he is sleeping or playing in the same room as me and I go to a different room he's right on my heels. It's not good enough that he's in the same room as me Gamba literally wants, no has, to be right next to me. If I let him he would be on my lap although I don't think he could fit right now! It reminds me of when we first brought him home as a puppy. It was quite a few weeks before he left my side back then. There have been many times that I've missed that puppy following me around, so I've actually enjoyed the last few days.

I still have 2 weeks until my due date but I'm wondering if Gamba can sense something that we can't and this baby will be here sooner than we thought. But then again maybe that's just wishful thinking!


Anonymous said...

I have been telling Heath for some time now that I think your baby will be born early. More specifically I have been saying she is coming on the 22nd of Aug. (Dalise's birthday.)

I think that you are right about Gamba knowing things are about to change. I have heard many stories of animals acting different just before a major change in their surroundings.


Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

One can always hope- right! I've heard of dogs, specifically, showing this type of behavior with a pregnancy. It's pretty interesting how they can sense when the time gets close.
Wow! Two weeks. How exciting!


Andrea said...

Chloe definitely knew the entire time I was pregnant! She would sniff at my belly and lick it. And once Elliot was here they looked at each other like "hey i know you!". It was adorable.


ps... I always have a little shadow. It's in the fun of having a little dog. They need to be around you 24/7.