Friday, September 28, 2007


Glad to hold Gideon
Jericho is one month and one day old today. Gideon was one month and one day old when I got to hold him for the first time. December 21, 2005 I remember like it was yesterday. As Seth and I walked into the NICU, before we even got to Gideon's bed, Gloria, his nurse that day, asked if I had held him yet. I stopped in my tracks, I hadn't but I couldn't answer, I was hoping that she would ask if I would like to hold him, but I couldn't let my heart go there if it wasn't going to happen. See Gideon was still on a ventilator and when babies in the NICU are on the ventilator no one gets to hold them. He was just getting better from a lung problem and it didn't look like he was going to be off the ventilator any time soon. Seth made it very clear that I had not held Gideon yet, but that I definitely wanted to. Gloria had worked in the NICU for many years and said that Gideon was doing very good and that if I was comfortable with holding him, even though he still had a breathing tube, she was okay with me holding him for a little while. She made if very clear to me to not expect to hold Gideon again until he got the tube out because most nurses aren't comfortable with it, she also instructed me to not even ask if I could hold him. At that moment I would have agreed to anything to hold my sweet boy. Gloria warned me that sometimes preemies don't like being held and if Gideon wasn't tolerating it she was going to put him right back in his incubator. The second Gideon got in my arms he took a deep breath and settled right in. All of his stats level out and were right where they should be. It was wonderful to feel his sweet, tiny body against my skin. I couldn't believe I was actually holding my son instead of staring at him through some glass. It was the best Christmas gift I have ever receive. I thank God for the precious memory of holding my son. It is something I will never forget; I never thought it would be the only time that I would get to hold my son but because it was it made the moment that much sweeter. I am also very thankful for the numerous times that I have gotten and will continue to get to hold Jericho. The Lord is faithful!

Enjoying Jericho

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Anonymous said...

Okay I know you dont know me but I like to read blogs and as a mother of two I find yours very interesting. This one gave me chills and made me so thankful for my healthy children. I learned of your page off my friend Cameron's myspace, Dallis told her to read it and me being nosey I decided to read also....It has blessed me so much and made me all the more thankful. May God bless you with many years of happiness and health and as many blessed children as your heart desires! Marisa from Alabama