Saturday, September 29, 2007

Turtle Tragedy

This is our digital thermometer turtle. Isn't he cute. I think we should name him. He tells us if Jericho's bath water is to hot or to cold or when we have it just right. I know it's crazy the things they have now a days for baby's but we have it (thanks Moni) and we use it. As you can see our poor little turtle has been attacked!

This is what attacked it. I know he looks harmless but give him a squeaky toy or a tennis ball and he'll do some damage. I don't know how our little turtle got into this ferocious animals hands, it must have happened when I was cleaning out the bathroom closet. I thought I had put Mr. Turtle safely away and then went to join Seth and Jericho in the other room when I heard a strange noise, yet it was very quiet, too quiet. I don't have a toddler yet but it was one of those times that I knew someone was in trouble for being naughty. I went to check it out, but I was to late. Poor Mr. T's hand had already been chewed right off. The good news is that he still works great. He just swims a little slower.
I don't know what got into Gamba he knows what toys are his and what ones aren't. I think he was having a jealous toddler moment. Ya know those times when the toddler, who loves his baby sibling, does something really naughty because his world has just been turned up side down. He just wanted us to know that he needs some loving too. I'll have to go out and play him!


Dallise said...
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Dallise said...

I guess Moni should buy Gamba a toy turtle of his own. He's still a good boy.


Anonymous said...

You're such a good writer! I am so enjoying your stories! And the pictures just as much...Daddy enjoys those even more...I tell him the stories. But they definately aren't as funny second hand!!
Great job, Darlin'!!
Can't wait to see you and that sweet, wonderful daughter of yours! We'll miss you, Seth!!