Thursday, September 13, 2007


I told you that Jericho and I were going to relax today and we did, but we also had a little fun with another photo shoot. Jericho has been given many beautiful homemade blankets, booties, hats, and outfits and I wanted to show them off. So here ya go. Here are pictures of all her homemade goodies.
Great Grandma Truesdale (my grandma) made this blankie.

The blanket was make by my friend Kellie, the hat by Seth's cousin Savanna who is only 14, and the booties were made by Jericho's G.G. (Great Grandma Rayanne who is my grandma.)

My sister Thea made the precious moments cross stitch and the blanket was made by Becky a friend from church that worked with Seth.

This blanket was made by the receptionist, Sally, at our church (I love the hearts on it, I don't know how she did that) and the booties were made by a friend of a friend of my mom's, if that makes sense, who works at a NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) and heard about what happened with Gideon. She makes booties for all her NICU babies and wanted to make some for Jericho; how sweet is that.

Jericho's Great Auntie Paige (my aunt) made this blanket. The back of the blanket is in the next picture.
This outfit, that also has matching booties, was made by Miss Jackie the receptionist at Elim Bible Institute.

Everything you see in this picture was made by Rose a sweet lady that goes to our church.

Mrs. Button, another lady that goes to our church, made this blanket for Jericho. I love that it's reversible.

Seth plays softball with a bunch of guys from the church and one of the wives made this, I know her as Mrs. Sweetness (Sweetness is her husbands nickname)

My little sister Tori made this with some of the kids she was babysitting for. It goes perfectly with Jericho's lady bug nursery theme, so we have it hanging on her bedroom door.

This picture is for my sake. These are all the things that were made for Gideon. I never really got to show them to anyone so I'm sharing them with you now. The wreath was made by Charis my sister-in-law, the precious moments cross stitch by Thea, the little blue and white blanket and the hat next to it were made by someone from the NICU, the all blue blanket was made by Gideon's Moni (Seth's mom) , the blue and white blanket with the animals were made by Gideon's Nanoo (Seth's Grandma), and the colorful blanket that everything is on was made by Gideon's Great Auntie Paige. Oh and the little blanket that has the white square with blue around it was my attempt at a blanket when I was on bed rest with Gideon. It obviously didn't go very well, but it holds sweet memories.

To everyone who made things for my children. Thank you so much they will be treasured forever!


Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Wow! Everything is so beautiful and obviously made with love. What a blessing! What a well-behaved model you have there!! :)


Anonymous said...

Wow, Great idea taking pics of her in all the home-made things! I wish I did that. What beautiful blankets and outfits....and Jericho couldn't be any cuter!

Dallise said...

She look like she's grown so much and we just left Tuesday. Give her a kiss for us.