Friday, September 14, 2007

Lost Treasures Found!

These pictures are two of many that Seth and I thought we would never see. Gideon was no more than 3 days old. As we were leaving the NICU one night I dropped our camera on the floor and it stopped working. I was a mess because some of the only pictures we had of Gideon were on there. Our precious pictures were lost. We didn't have the money to go buy another camera so one of our friends let us barrow her camera for a few days till Seth convinced me to buy one. Money or not we bought a new camera and somehow the Lord provided the money. Anyway back to the old camera, we have tried a few times to get the pictures off of it but it never worked. I cried every time we tried and it didn't work. Well, for some reason I decided to try one more time. I charged the batteries, hooked the camera into the computer, crossed my fingers, and prayed. Guess what!?! It worked! We have many good pictures of Gideon from our new camera and from our friends camera but knowing that there were some pictures that we never saw, well my heart ached at the thought. So tonight as I sit here looking at the pictures of my son that I thought we lost forever and then looking down in my arms and seeing my daughter I can't help but cry and thank God for both.


Dallise said...

If you have more of the pictures of Gideon, please send them. We are truly bless by both of these precious babies. I've missed holding Jericho this week. I may have to come back over real soon.

We enjoyed hanging out with you guys.
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

So precious....sweet baby Gideon. I am so glad that the Lord answered your prayer and you were able to get your pictures of Gideon.