Thursday, September 27, 2007

Oh the possibilities!

When I take the baby out people always comment on her, if any of you have been pregnant or had a small baby, you know how that goes. I found it funny that today when I was out, it was the older gentlemen that were commenting about Jericho. There were two different men that pretty much said the same thing. I can't tell you how sweet it was to watch these men gaze with wonder at my child. They were in awe of her. They could have stood and watched her all day. As I was getting ready to part ways with one of the men he paused and took one last look at Jericho and said, "Oh the possibilities!" With that he looked at me and smiled and was on his way. For some reason that comment choked me up. It took me back to when I was pregnant with Jericho and a man came up to me at church and said, "Miss, you don't know who I am, but I want you to know that that child (he points to my belly) has an amazing calling on it's life." That's all he said and then he walked away and left me in tears. Although these men were all talking about my daughter I felt like the Lord was reminding me that there are possibilities in life everywhere and if we don't take time to stop and look around we will miss them.

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