Thursday, September 27, 2007

What's in the name?

I wrote this post for my myspace page when I was pregnant with Jericho. In my next post I'm going to explain why we pick her name.

One of my favorite things about having a baby is getting to pick out a name. I love names and there meanings and all the different spellings. It's funny how when you get pregnant there are names that you've always liked but think no it doesn't fit this baby maybe it will the next one or maybe it will never come up again with any of your other babies. How do you know it doesn't fit the baby, you haven't even meat the baby, you hardly know the baby, but somehow you know that certain names just don't fit. As fun as it is picking out a name can be very scary because it's with the child for the rest of their lives. What if they hate it? What if they get made fun of because of it? It would be all our fault. What if there are horrible nicknames that you never thought of? What if people spell it wrong all the time? What a pain I know I have one of those names. What if they pronounce it wrong and they kids spends their whole life giving the people the right pronunciation. Would it drive them nuts or would they be ok with it because they actually like their name? Would that be a miracle if they actually liked their name? How many people like their name? Right now we have one name that we think we are going to call her (sorry we're not telling till she's here) but it sounds better as a middle name. Which brings me to another question if we call her by her middle name will she dread every first day of school when they call her by her first name and everyone looks around going who is that and then she says I go by my middle name. How will she decide how to sign things? Will she want to go by her first name when she gets older? Will we be ok with that? Seth is one of these middle name kids. So we've had many discussions on if it's worth it or not. Seth has lived, I love his name, and it fits him. He is such a Seth much more so than a Philip (his first name.) I can't see Seth ever going by Philip but he did say he's thought about it. My brother is also one of these middle name kids and when he got to college he started going by his first name. People who knew him as both don't know what to call him does it matter? Another reason for all of the questions is that we do like names that are different. How different can you go? I want people to think oh that's such a pretty name it's different but I really like it. Not, wow that name is really different what were they thinking when they named her? Anyway as you can see we've been thinking about names. Like I said I love the process of picking out a name for our children but it always raises so many questions. Let me know what you guys think. Do you like your name, is it a different one, are you called by your middle name? I'd love to here from ya!

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