Friday, October 5, 2007

Another Update on Joshua

Here is the latest update about baby Joshua that I have received. Please continue to pray for them.

We had Joshua's heart scan this week. Basically it was just another ultrasound that looked really closely at his heart. His heart is perfect - praise the Lord! The rest of his organs and things are fine as well.The sack is bigger, because his brain has been growing over the last 6 weeks. It appears larger than his head at the moment. From a scientific point of view - his cerebrum in the sack and his brain stem and cerebellum are in the skull. His skull is malformed, but the bottom of his head - from his nose and downwards are all fine. Because his brain hasn't grown inside his head, his skull had nothing to form around, thus it didn't hold the correct shape. In November we'll go back to speak with pediatricians at the hospital I'll have him in . I'll have to have a C-section (around Christmas), there's no way around that. I don't think he would actually engage correctly to have a normal birth anyways. After he's born (we don't know how soon after) he'll be transported to Starship Children's Hospital in Auckland for neurosurgery. We were just informed today that because we did not have maternity insurance coverage through our insurance company (we didn't expect to be pregnant this year), Joshua will not be covered until 14 days after birth, assuming the underwriters do not decline his application, and anything that has been diagnosed before day 14 will be a pre-existing condition that will not be covered for 2 years. Basically that means his surgeries wouldn't be covered, because we already know he'll have an encephalocele when he's born, thus they'll refuse to pay for any of his surgeries.We're at a loss in that respect. If anyone knows insurance, insurance underwriting, or has experience with fighting insurance companies, please write us and inform us. I have a hard time believing that rubbish. Please continue to pray for his healing, and that he will have perfect health if he has surgeries. We've been told to expect that he'll be mentally handicapped and/or blind, without a sense of smell - etc. It's very hard to wait knowing that may the end result. We finish our school next Friday, and back to our email permanently following that. Thanks for all your support and prayers
Mr & Mrs S.

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