Friday, October 5, 2007

In Chicago

Jericho and I have made it safely to Chicago and we have enjoyed out time with Seth's family. We are now getting ready to spend the day with some of my friends and then my family later tonight. Jericho has gotten to meet her Nanoo (great- grandma) she has also meat all of her cousins and her Aunt Charis and Uncle Heath for the first time, she still has one more aunt and uncle that she'll meet over Thanksgiving. Later in the week Jericho will meet her other great-grandma and great-grandpa along with her great aunt and 2nd cousins. She's enjoying meeting all these new people but misses her daddy like CRAZY, as does her mommy! We have some great pictures that I'll share with you when we get home.


Seth said...

Man I almost cried today looking at the blog and how much I miss you guys. I feel lost without you two here. I watched the Beat Boxing and almost lost it as she stares into my eyes- I miss that

Dallise said...

Sorry Seth is missing you guys but we sure enjoyed our visit. Our little one is soooo beautiful and I miss her already.