Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Kid at Heart...

...that's what my husband is. I think in order to be a good children's pastor you have to be. Although Seth is not only a good children's pastor he is a great children's pastor.

The last Sunday of every month Seth does a thing in Kidz Express called the Hoogle Boogle Express Test (Yes, he did make up the name, but don't tell the kids that.) When Seth asks the kids what Sunday it is they all yell, " It's the HOOGLE BOOGLE (and then they whisper) express test." It's really cute and the kids love it! He tells the kids that it's the greatest game show in all the world that's played across continents and the kids in Lima, NY are privileged because they get to play it. Although, I don't think the kids believe him.

Every Sunday the kids earn points for different things and they are tallied all month long until the Hoogle Boogle Express test which is the deciding day on who, boys or girls, wins that month. The Sunday of Hoogle Boogle is set aside strictly for games and a whole lot of fun. It's always boys vs. girls and after a child wins a game Seth asks them a question, from the previous 3 Sundays about something that he preached on, if they answer the question correctly they win more points for their team. At the end of the day which ever team is ahead wins a prize, the next week it starts all over again.

In the video Seth is playing for the girls and Mr. Alex (one of Seth's leaders) is playing for the boys, this week this game was the deciding factor of who won because the points were so close. I'm so proud of Seth winning it for the girls!

Seth does such a good job making Sundays fun for the kids while at the same time making them think, memorize scripture, and gain biblical principles. I love watching Seth with the kids from church; he does an amazing job!

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Michelle said...

That video made me want to go to kids church! A little laughter goes a long way!!!

I bet Seth feels so loved when he reads your blogs about him. You guys are truly blessed! Hope to see you soon.