Sunday, November 4, 2007

My Rubber Ducky

Jericho does so good when we, actually when I, decide to take pictures of her, if Seth is involved it's usually because I need him to hold Jericho, example in this picture the blue blanket is covering up his arm. I'm noticing that whenever I take pictures it's never just one it always turns into a photo shoot. Usually it's because we are trying to get her to smile or do something cute that she just got done doing but never wants to repeat when the camera comes out, of course. I've gotten better though, this time I think I only took 10 pictures. Although that could have been because Jericho was tired and hungry and ready for bed, as you can see by the last picture, but despite those circumstances I still got a few good pictures of my cute little ducky.

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Jackson family said...


You have a beautiful little girl. Thea gave me the blog address so I could see her.


Kerrie, Craig, and Jared Jackson