Thursday, November 1, 2007

Recovering from Harvest Party

Seth took today off since we've lived at the church the last 4 days getting ready for Harvest Pary. (see previous post) One of the things we did was went for a nice long walk as a family. The puppy got to run, the baby got a much needed nap, Seth and I got some time to talk and wind down after a cazy few days, and everyone got some fresh air after being stuck indoors for days. The last picture is what the trail that we were walking on looked like in either direction - it was wonderful!


Katie said...

Ahh, what a sweet family. I am glad Seth was able to take some time off!! You guys did a great job with the Harvest party!!

Susie said...

I have to laugh, because this is exactly what I did! I posted about the Light Party (it's Spring, so we can't call it "harvest") and then posted within minutes of you "In Recovery" when you posted "Recovering from the Harvest Party". HAHAHA! That's about what it feels like! How many kids did you have show up? I think we need to pick Seth's brain for ideas on next year, because 120 kids are hard to entertain!