Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Tea Party

So I didn't think I'd be posting so soon but I had to share this. I had a volleyball game tonight, we played awesome by the way, lost but played awesome, and now I'm wide awake and on the computer instead of in bed. Anyway, back to my story, Seth and I decided that I would feed Jericho before the game, pretty much as I was walking out the door, I know you bre*st feeding mommy's know what I'm talking about, but that Seth would stay home with Jericho. Seth usually goes to the games but it didn't start till 9:00pm and we'd all had a long day already. Yes, this was the first time that I left Jericho and she did great and so did I. Not that I thought she wouldn't, she's a great baby and absolutely loves being with her daddy, but it is hard leaving her, and I LOVE staying home with her and there is usually not a need to leave her, so I'm not used to it, but we both survived, more then survived we did great! Bug again back to the story, when I got home Seth told me to look at the pictures her took on the camera. Here are a few of them.

As I was looking at them Seth went on to explain that him and Jericho had their first daddy daughter tea party. How cute! As I was looking at the picture I noticed that Jericho had a dress on that was huge, as in size 12 month, I told Seth that we have cute fancy dresses that would fit her. He simply told me, "I know, I pick out the biggest one in her closet because that's what little girls do when they have tea parties. They dress up in fancy clothes that are way to big for them and it's cute. So that's why I picked that dress."

How cute is my husband! And such a good daddy. I love him so much and I'm amazed that each day I fall even more in love, especially when I see him with our daughter. Yup, I'm going to really enjoy watching Seth and Jericho together.


Susie said...

Is there any wonder why your husband makes a great children's pastor? This just concretes that belief! How funny and cute is that!! Jericho and Seth have probably started a "Mommy's Night Out" tradition now. :) Sounds awesome!

Debbie said...

What a blessing! What an incredibly cute blessing! How blessed you are -- all of you! I'm so happy for you. Those pics are the cutest! ... especially the "tea" cup. :)

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

What a daddy! She is one blessed little girl! Those pictures will be such a treasure for her when she is older.


Anna said...

How cute! I love even the little detail about the big's true! Seth is a great daddy to your little girl!

KT said...

Oh my cute. That is like the sweetest thing ever. It is so great that you can leave Jericho with Seth and know they are gonna have a great time!

Jackson family said...


I am amazed at the wonderful things you and Seth are accomplishing and the fun that you are having with Jericho. The moments and days get more precious each day. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

What an amazing daddy! Seth you are so special. Thanks for taking such good care of my niece and sister. Have fun in Georgia and be safe!

We Love You!!

Adam and Thea